Oh-Em-Gee, I forgot to pack my lunch!

Thank God for KFC! I know what you’re probably thinking, “That girl did NOT go to KFC for lunch. She knows it stands for Kentucky FRIED Chicken right?” But I seriously went to KFC for lunch and had a great, healthy lunch and here’s how.

First, I knew if I ever forgot to pack a lunch, I’d need a backup plan. KFC is mine, which works great because there’s one right by my job. Second, KFC is one of the very few places that serves a side that’s not fried and not a starch, aka green beans.

So what’d I have? I had a grilled piece of chicken breast, no skin, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and 1/2 of a biscuit. The chicken is great because it’s cooked with the skin on so it’s got great flavor, but by not eating the skin, I save some calories. The mashed potatoes, even with gravy, are only 4 grams of fat and 19 carbs. The mashed potatoes are always a better option since they’re not fried. In order to get my two servings of starch, I got to eat 1/2 of the biscuit, which tasted good, and I’m proud I was able to show restraint and not eat the whole thing.

While I am a little disappointed in myself for letting “being tired” last night win over packing my lunch, I’m proud that I went from roughly December 23rd to January 9th packing a lunch everyday. I also have only eaten out 5 times, which is quite an accomplishment considering I used to eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…..EVERYDAY!

On a side note, this song lyric popped into my head earlier and it describes how I’ve been feeling lately. It goes, “Get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger.” I used to think, “this chick is crazy if she’s always walking around hungry.” But more now than ever, I can relate! I feel like food is my fuel for once. I’m not eating as much to get stuffed, I’m eating to feel satisfied. It’s becoming more natural to me to eat that way and I’m loving the way it makes me feel!


3 thoughts on “Oh-Em-Gee, I forgot to pack my lunch!

  1. Wow – what a great and major change you have made! From eating out all meals to packing your lunch everyday! So proud of you. And love that you have backup plans. Now that eating out is the backup as opposed to the norm, it must feel great. Next, you’ll be able to blog about the money you’re saving. 🙂

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