Say No To Bacon

Bacon to me is like Pringles: Once you pop a piece of bacon in my mouth, I can’t stop. It just tastes so dang good! Which leads me to having to say no to bacon…

Let’s face it, bacon tastes good because it has a lot of fat in it, and unfortunately fat is what I’m trying to lose. Saying no to bacon, among many other foods has been hard. I can’t actually remember a time in my life when I’ve really said no to food. Me and food are like this (crosses fingers). But with my recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes, I’ve learned that I HAVE to say no. I’m saying no to unhealthy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy food. I’m just choosing to eat better for me foods.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s not always easy to say no to fast food while I’m driving around and working. I just make sure that I pack my lunch the night before and that I always have delicious foods at home. This makes it so much easier to say no to Taco Bueno and say yes to my healthy tortilla soup at home.

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