Yep, I’m excited about Monday! Not because I have to go back to work after having 2 days off, but because The Biggest Loser comes on tonight. I decided to blog every Monday about the show because I think it’ll be good motivation to keep me on the right track.

I haven’t watched the past couple seasons, but I used to watch it religiously. I was THAT girl that used to get a pizza or a big bowl of macaroni and cheese and fried chicken, then I’d plop my butt down on the couch and watch the show. Yeah, I’d feel inspired as I watched, but nothing would ever change. I saw it more like a movie or an event. I felt like I needed to have the most delicious meal to go with the show I loved so much. It almost became more about the meal. Of course The Biggest Loser wasn’t the only show I watched, so eventually it turned into this pattern of needling a big and yummy dinner every single night that a good show was on.

I’m definitely glad to say that’s my past. By past I mean, four weeks ago I was still doing that, so I clearly remember my thoughts and emotions on living that way. But for the past four weeks, I’ve been looking forward to my healthy dinner at home. So I’m glad to say, this time I’m eating salmon, asparagus, cabbage, and a baked potato for dinner as I watch TBL.

TBL=The Biggest Loser…cause I’m already sick of spelling out the title.

Back to the show!

I liked this episode because one team had to spend 4 and 1/2 hours a day (for a week) in a room filled with TVs, video games, couches, and tons of junk food. This is only their third week on the ranch and all of them passed the test and didn’t give in to the pizza or doughnuts or pop. I know first hand how extremely hard that is. Just this weekend I was around someone eating pizza and I could smell it and it smelled gooooood! It’s hard sometimes to say no. But, the longer you go without, the easier it gets. I think it gets easier because you don’t want to waste the 4 weeks of all the good eating you put into it just to flush that away with giving in and eating a pizza. Although I must admit, I secretly like it when someone on the show gives in to eating the bad food. When their trainer finds out, they usually kill them in a workout which is always fun to watch. 🙂

So far this season, I don’t have one particular favorite yet. I do like someone I can relate to, so a female around my age, and right now I’m liking Dani. But really, I enjoy watching them all and learning about all of their stories because I relate to all of them in some way since they’re all like me; overweight and trying to get healthy.

I especially love the part of the show where they weigh in. It’s exciting and nerve wracking and just fun to watch. I go back to the doctor again tomorrow to re-test my liver enzymes because last time it was high, so I’ll be weighed tomorrow. Tomorrow is exactly 4 weeks since my first weigh in at 372 pounds. My goal for myself is to be under 350 pounds tomorrow. Either way, I’ll have a new weight to blog about and I’m excited to show my doctor that I’ve made progress, which I hope he sees!


4 thoughts on “TGIM!

  1. I’m watching and loving the show too! What I loved most was the “deck of cards workout” that literally required no equipment or gym. The whole time they were stuck in that room I kept thinking, “Why are they just sitting around? Why aren’t they doing situps or pushups or squats or something?!” I hope it proved a point to Americans that you don’t have to have a gym membership to get in shape. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear how your doctor visit goes today! You’re rocking it!

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