Chubby Girl Problems

I hate the F word. You know, that super offensive word. You guessed it…Fat. That is why I use the word chubby instead. Chubby isn’t exactly flattering either, but to me it sounds better than fat.

Being chubby isn’t something you can hide from people like you can other problems. So therefore I feel like it shouldn’t be something I TRY to hide, but I embrace it with a little humor every now and then. I’m sure this is my defense mechanism, but who rather to make light of my weight than myself?

So what are chubby girl problems? These are chubby girl problems…

Wearing jeans in the hot summer and burning up because you don’t feel comfortable in shorts. Chubby girl problems.

Never going for what you want because you are afraid your size will get in the way. Chubby girl problems.

Full body photos, ‘nuf said. Chubby girl problems.

When you find crumbs in your bra. Chubby girl problems.

When you have to go buy new jeans not because they don’t fit anymore, but because you’ve rubbed a hole in the crotch because of your legs rubbing together. Chubby girl problems. This is the reason I have to go shopping today…ugh…

I know not everyone can relate to these problems, but if you’ve ever been chubby you know what I’m talking about! Although I am eating healthy and losing weight, I’m still a big girl and these are all issues I face being overweight. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to write a blog called Skinny Girl Problems. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Chubby Girl Problems

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head – everyone has problems. But it is so great to see you facing yours head-on and embracing the challenge.

  2. You educated me for sure! I currently have “preggo problems.” I’ve broken two bras (can you imagine my face while sitting on the couch…”what was that snap?” Oh, it was my bra breaking from ridiculously being overloaded).

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