You Down With FPP? Yeah You Know Me.

Me: It’s FPP reveal day!

You: What’s FPP?

Me: It stands for Foodie Pen Pal.

You: Oh…

Still confused? Well let me explain. Every month I particulate in FPP. It’s a program with about 1,000 members from all over the United States and Puerto Rico.

You: Can I be an FPP member?

Me: Yes you can! It’s open to anybody who’s a foodie and who wants to participate. There’s a link at the end of this post to sign up!

It’s a monthly program where you are paired with 2 people every month. One of those people you’ll be sending food to, and the other person is who you’ll receive food from. You never send to the same person you receive from.

Every month you have a $15 spending limit on food. You email with your pen pal to see what they like and what they don’t like. It’s a really cool program because you end up getting local products from someone’s state that you may not have where you are. You also usually get products you’ve never tried before, so that makes it a lot of fun!

Every month your box of food comes from somewhere and someone different, so some boxes are better than others. My box wasn’t that great this month, but I’m going to blog about it anyways. Hope she’s not reading this…lol.

This month I got almonds, sunflower seeds, sun dried tomato bruschetta, and Italian sauce (similar to marinara or tomato sauce).



I can get all of those things here, except for the Italian sauce. The Italian sauce was the real winner in my box. I got my box on Sunday before I made pizzas with my dad, so we decided to use the sauce on our pizzas. It was a super delicious sauce. I also liked it because it was a local product from Ohio, which is where my FPP box came from.

In past months, I’ve gotten some really good stuff. Here are a couple pictures from two previous months.



The first picture had lemon pepper pasta, a local made spicy lime mayonnaise from New York, local salted peanut brittle, spicy local salsa, chili kale chips, mixed teas and more! It was a great month of food!

The second picture had local caramel corn, local spicy Dijon honey mustard with pretzels to dip in it, hot chocolate, sweet cinnamon almonds, and some yummy somersaults brand crackers.

If you think this sounds fun to you, here’s the link to the girls blog that runs the FPP program. I highly recommend signing up if you can. It’s a really cool program.

You: What did you send your pen pal?

Me: That’s a great question! Here’s a link to Megan’s blog. Ironically, my BFF was my FPP this month. I definitely took care of her this month! Go check out what she got!


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