Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday was a great day. A great day with friends, a great day with fun, but not the best day with food…

It started out great. I knew I’d be going to a Super Bowl party, so I made a healthy delicious wrap for lunch. It was a low carb wheat tortilla, guacamole, turkey, turkey bacon, fat free Swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce, sliced red onion, and Roma tomatoes. This wrap is soooo filling and very tasty! All I needed to go with it was a small glass of skim milk. Here’s a picture of the half eaten deliciousness.


After lunch, I met a couple of work friends at Jamba Juice for a drink and gossip. I looked at their menu and found they had a light smoothie menu which substituted for a little bit healthier ingredients than the original. I had a delicious smoothie with strawberries, peaches, lime, and lemon juice all blended with ice. It only had 200 calories and 1/3 less sugar and 1/3 less carbs than the original smoothie. I felt really good about my food choices so far. Then I went to the Super Bowl party…

My friend Kara is really involved in her church and that’s where the party was at. I was pretty excited to go because I’ve been trying to be more involved with church. I’m also wanting to make some new friends/meet some new people. Meeting new people is extremely out of my comfort zone. I definitely enjoy staying home by myself and I’m never one to approach new people first, so I felt like this church event would be a great environment to put myself in. I’m so glad that I went! I met some really great people, particularly a couple of people around my age, and I had a lot of fun just talking to new people and putting myself out there.

The only bad part of the night was the fact that I put myself in a room with TONS of unhealthy food. I had about 800 calories to work with, but I’m sure I went way over that. I ate I think 5 hot wings, a small amount of Fritos and Velveeta dip, some barbecue chips, 1/2 of a brownie, 2 potato wedges, a bite of cheesecake, a chip with 7 layer dip, and probably 5 cans of diet coke. It could have been a lot worse but I practiced as much self control as I could. IT WAS HARD! I wanted to snack and eat so much more. I’m glad I didn’t though.

In the end, it was totally worth it. I usually have maybe one meal a week that’s a little semi unhealthy and this was mine. I also met some really great people so that makes the night a total success, even if the eating wasn’t perfect. Tomorrow is back to good eating! I think I’ll even go to the gym tomorrow night after work since I feel a little guilty about my Sunday eating.


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Good plan to balance the eating behavior with some exercise! I’m guessing this was way better than what you would normally have done in terms of food choices, so celebrate the success of that as well.

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