It’s My Time

~Go hard today.
Can’t worry bout the past cause that was yes-terday.
Ima put it on the line cause it’s my time.~

These are lyrics from a song they played in The Biggest Loser episode tonight. Although there was some good stuff in this episode, this song is really what stood out to me the most. I immediately logged into rhapsody and found the song to listen to.


They played this song while the contestants were working out in the gym. Talk about motivational! It instantly made me wanna go get a workout in. You should pull up the song and listen to it too! πŸ˜‰

I had planned to workout after I got home from work, just a simple 15 minutes or so. But once I got home I was hungry for dinner so I decided I wouldn’t workout. I ate while I watched TBL. When I heard the song on the show, I changed my mind about working out. I am still feeling a little guilty about my eating on Sunday so I told myself I can go for 15 minutes. And I did!

The last time I worked out (5 days ago) I walked/ran for 15 minutes and I went 0.75miles. This time I wanted to make a better time than that. So I started with a slow run while I was fresh and then slowed down to walk when I got tired. I kept alternating between running and walking. This time I ran/walked for 15 minutes and 30 seconds and I went 0.90miles. I’m really proud of that improvement.

Running when you’re overweight is hard, especially when you’re 341 pounds. I’m actually surprised I could run most of the 15 minutes. But I did it and I feel really good about it! My next goal is to go again on Thursday or Friday. And of course, I’ll definitely be working out to my new favorite workout song. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “It’s My Time

  1. Ha, ha. When I’m on the treadmill, I put on Heavy Cross, by Music for Men. It’s the song on the Dior commercial with Charlize Theron…I may pretend that I’m her. πŸ™‚

  2. My husband and I record TBL and watch it on Tuesday nights. I did a google search for the same song after the episode and your blog post popped up.
    I have no idea who you are, but I’m so proud of you for getting out there and jogging. I am an avid runner, but when I saw that you went .9 miles in 15min at 341 pounds, I was very impressed. You rock and keep it up! “It’s your time!!!”

  3. Yay, Linz! That’s the kind of post I like to read! You’re almost up to a mile!! Woohoo!!

    “Stronger” by Kanye has always been my running “power song.” πŸ™‚

    • I knew you’d like this post! πŸ˜‰

      That’s a good song! I need to get some more songs gathered for my workout music list, so I’ll take any other suggestions you’ve got. πŸ™‚

    • Lol, oh good! I hope it motivates you like it did me! My BFF listened to it and she was like, “no, didn’t do anything for me.” Haha. If you have any good workout songs let me know! πŸ™‚

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