WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday

In the blog world, a lot of bloggers blog about what they ate on Wednesday and they do it every week on the same day. I thought I’ll particulate in that today since I’ll be having a non-typical food day. Also since I’ll be eating out for dinner (at a buffet) it might help hold me accountable for what I’m eating and hopefully sway my food decisions to be better decisions.

So what did I eat today?

Breakfast was 1 and 1/2 cups of plain Cheerios and 1 and 1/4 cup skim milk.

Lunch was my new favorite lunch. It’s a California wrap using a low carb wheat tortilla, 100 calorie pouch of guacamole, sliced Roma tomatoes, smoked deli turkey, lots of green leaf lettuce, 3 slices of turkey bacon, one piece of fat free cheese, and sliced red onion. I can’t say enough about this wrap. I’m in love with it! I also had a grapple to go with my wrap. It’s more calories than my lunches have been in the past, but it keeps me full longer. When I’d eat sandwiches, I’d be really hungry by 5:00. Now I’m good with a small snack at 5:00 and have no problem making it to dinner.

My snack today was 4 pieces of pickled okra and 2 cups of lightly salted popcorn with no butter. I love having popcorn as a snack because 2 cups of popcorn seems like a lot of snack for only 70 calories.

Dinner is where it gets hard. I went out to dinner with my family for my step-moms birthday to a buffet. I tried to cut out a few calories here and there today so that I would have a few extra calories for dinner.

I had 850 calories left for dinner. This may seem like a big number, but it’s really not. At a buffet, you’re really not sure what foods are in the items on their buffet. For example, they may have corn, but I’m sure it’s buttered, which means there are lots of places where hidden calories can lie. So I tried to make mostly great choices and my splurges were small. I didn’t go for any foods that were super fatty or cheesy or greasy. Also, I had 1/2 of a sugar free cookie for dessert and it was all I needed. Here’s a picture of my dinner plates.



I went for the shrimp and cocktail sauce because I knew it was a good healthy option.

The second plate consists of a small amount of corn, lots of Brussels sprouts, green beans, braised cabbage, baked fish, broccoli from the Chinese stir fry, a couple bites of Chinese rice and noodles, and some stewed shrimp in spicy tomato sauce. My splurges were the beef tamale that a ate 2/3 of and an egg roll which I’m pretty sure was baked and not fried.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be eating at a buffet. I think it was easier since its a huge buffet and there were tons of choices to choose from. I made sure I went strait towards the vegetables and then filled in with a little bit of protein. Typically I would have had mashed potatoes and gravy, maybe some fried chicken or fish, cheesy potatoes, smoked sausage, pizza, pasta, multiple egg rolls, etc. Notice how I didn’t mention any vegetables? πŸ™‚ My eating habits have definitely changed.

Another reason I think it was easier than I thought is because I was eating with my stepmom and my dad. My dad was super supportive and told me I did a really good job with dinner. He and my stepmom also told me they could tell I’ve lost weight, so that’s also super encouraging to hear.

I’m very lucky to have such supportive family and friends. My mom, dad, sister, stepmom, stepdad, all of my friends, and all of my blog followers have been so great helping me along this journey. I’d just like to say thanks to everybody for the support! It really helps keep me going!

4 thoughts on “WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday

  1. You did great! Buffets to those trying lose weight are probably like bars to alcoholics. It’s awesome to see how you are mentally becoming stronger. As the pounds fall off, your mind is becoming stronger than your emotions. That is mind over matter, and it’s fantastic to witness in action. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Robyn! It’s very true about your comparison of buffets to bars for over eaters and alcoholics. I’m definitely getting a little stronger mentally everyday! πŸ™‚

  2. Great choices under challenging circumstances. I know I’m dating myself, but listen to a little “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” by Chicago. It starts a little slow for a workout, but has some great lyrics – particularly the end……

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