The Peanut Butter Experiment

Ever since I attempted to make flavored peanut butter the other day, I’ve been dying to create a flavor that truly tastes like what it’s supposed to.

I went shopping yesterday with the BFF and we came across PB2.


It’s just peanut butter in powdered form. The great thing though about it is that it has only 45 calories for 2 tablespoons and only 1.5 grams of fat. It also has just 1 gram of sugar and 2 grams of fiber. Regular peanut butter has 94 calories and 8 grams of fat and that’s for only ONE tablespoon. I haven’t eaten much peanut butter since starting this healthy change because I didn’t want to waste my calories on just a bite of it, so it was nice to come across this much healthier version!

The instructions on the PB2 are to mix 2 tbs of the powder with 1 tbs of water. It creates a paste and then turns into peanut butter.

As I was out shopping yesterday I also came across some lemon extract. I was thinking some lemon poppyseed would be a fun flavor to try in a peanut butter. I knew I had a jar of poppy-seeds at home so I bought the lemon extract.

It wasn’t until later after I got home that I thought, “Hey, I could make a small batch of the PB2 peanut butter and flavor it to see how it tastes or if it works without having to make a big batch of peanut butter in my vita-mix.” I love it when the lightbulb in my head turns on.

So, I mixed up the PB2 and then added a little lemon extract and also some poppy-seeds. I stirred it up and then tasted it. So what’d it taste like? It tasted like a lemon poppyseed batter! It was DELICIOUS!


I don’t usually eat peanut butter in large amounts so I loved that it was just enough to scoop up in one spoonful. Soooo yummy!

I’m excited to try some new flavors with the extracts I bought last week. I’ve got banana cream, coconut, cherry, mango, and chocolate hazelnut. The BFF loves cherry chocolate, so I think I’ll try that one next. I’ve got cherry extract, dried cherries, chocolate chips, and cocoa powder so hopefully I can mix together something delicious for her! I’d love to make a banana bread, or toasted coconut, or tropical mango flavor soon too. If you have any flavor ideas, I’d love to hear them!


6 thoughts on “The Peanut Butter Experiment

  1. Okay, you are speaking my language….peanut butter is the best single food item on earth! Good to hear that this is so great because I brought some small packages of PB to England this trip, but it would be easier to bring the powder. The lemon poppy flavor sounds amazing!

    • I definitely thought of you when I found the PB2! I’ll pick up a jar of it for you, today. The PB2 is also great in fat free cool whip! It tastes just like peanut butter ice cream. 🙂

    • Quick, buy up stock in this company! If Mom learned of a good healthy peanut butter treat, she’ll be buying it by the box load.

      Love your flavor ideas! I bet it’s good on a banana as dessert too.

      Bring some when you come visit!!

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