TBL: Facing Your Fears

I liked tonight’s episode of TBL because it was “face you fears” week. Each contestant had to face a major fear of theirs. One was claustrophobia, one was fear of sharks, another was fear of singing in public, etc. And of course EVERYBODY there has the fear of going home. If they go home, it means no trainer, no fully stocked kitchen with healthy foods, no support from the other contestants, no gym, and most of all they don’t have the ease of focusing purely on weight loss because they’d be back at home.

Two of the contestants ended up having to face that fear of not being on the ranch this week. They had to go grocery shopping for themselves. They had to find ways to workout without the gym. They had no support except the support from each other. And the great thing about it was that they succeeded! I think that shows just how helpful it can be having a buddy to push you and help encourage you.

Going back to their fears, as they were talking about their biggest fears, it made me think of my own fears. I have a fear of being alone, I have a fear that I’m not good enough, I have a fear of not succeeding in life, and I’m sure there are many more things I’m afraid of. In the show, the purpose of bringing up their fears was to face them. As one contestant said, “Let go and experience.” Don’t let the fear discourage you from doing something that you want to do.

My fear definitely holds me back from things I want or want to do. It’s tough to let go of control and just go for it. This is a great lesson that I’m currently trying to overcome in my life so that’s why I found tonight’s episode so great. It made me want to face my fears, to overcome them, and to conquer them once and for all.


5 thoughts on “TBL: Facing Your Fears

  1. The hardest part is just acknowledging the fear and deciding you want to do something about it. I decided to face the fear of heights and have come a long way to overcome that one. You will do the same!

  2. I wish fear didn’t exist, because I think it’s the root of all complexity in the world. It keeps so many people from doing so many GREAT things in life.

    My two cents:
    Fear of being alone – you’re never alone. You know that. Fill your life with what you love, and you will (already do) attract others that love what you love too and love the life you exude. 🙂

    Fear of not being good enough – you’re amazing. This is as easy as stopping telling yourself this and start telling yourself you are awesome. Who would you rather have think you’re good enough? Other random people or you? I’ll take what I think of myself over what others do any day. 🙂

    Fear of not succeeding in life – um, check that off your list and keep going! Define success: probably most importantly defined by the people you positively impact and the love you give to the world or others. (You have to define that for yourself though.) So if you take this above definition, then success you have achieved! You have impacted people on a daily/ weekly basis with this blog. Every friend and family member you know thinks you’re the sweetest most giving person they know. You make the world a better place for so many people (and doggie). Give yourself more credit and change the way you think about this one!

    With that said, I love that you are pondering these questions. It’s another part of this amazing journey, and as the answers become clearer it will be so beautiful.

    Love you tons.

    • I love how you mentioned, well define success. It’s true that my version of success is much different than what you mentioned success is. I need to start looking at success in that way. Thanks for that Robyn! You’re the greatest! 🙂

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