Weigh In Update

It feels like its been forever since I last updated my weight! But after looking back at my previous posts, I realize it’s only been 9 days. I guess it feels like a long time since I’ve been purposely trying not to weigh myself every day. Either way, it’s been 9 days and today feels like the perfect day to update my weight! 🙂

I always like to recap my weight:

Beginning Weight
372 pounds-Dec. 18th

Last Weigh In
331.8 pounds-Feb. 16th

Current Weight
327.3 pounds-Feb. 25th

That’s 4.5 pounds lost in 9 days and a total weight loss of 44.7 pounds. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Weigh In Update

  1. Holy moly!!! I am ecstatic! 45 pounds in 2 months! I mean, of you do the math, you will be tiny by Christmas! I just couldn’t be prouder of you. Life is good.

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