Pinterest Projects

I love Pinterest! Seriously, it’s one of the best things ever created. If you need an idea for ANYTHING, you can get it on Pinterest. I use it all the time for recipes, craft ideas, home decor ideas, or just to browse through the humor section. (Sometimes you just need a good laugh!)

I’ve made some great things from Pinterest. Here’s a picture of a cauliflower crust pizza made using a recipe I found on there.


Pinterest is also great for crafts! Here are some super cool coasters I made from the DIY section on Pinterest.



And just this past week, I made another craft. I painted a blank canvas a pale yellow. Then, I got foam letters and glued them onto the canvas. I then painted over the letters with the same pale yellow. The example on Pinterest had cute quotes or words on the canvas. I decided to do a Bible verse on mine. I really liked this project because it was sooo easy and the items were inexpensive. Here’s the project below.



Pinterest is also great if you just need a good laugh. Here are a few of my favorite funny quotes I’ve come across on Pinterest.




As you see, Pinterest is great for sooo many reasons! Go out and find a craft and make it today! Or find a recipe that sounds yummy and go make it! Try something new today! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Projects

  1. I have tried this pizza. my crust didn’t really hold up as a crust. I was really good even though, I had to eat it more like eating a casserole. My wife has just gotten into pinterest and we have tried a few recipes.

    • Our crust surprisingly turned out well! It couldn’t be held up like a slice of pizza, but after it cooled a little it could. Pinterest is definitely great for new recipes such as the cauliflower crust pizza! 🙂

  2. You’ll get to see the bench we created from an old 80’s-style coffee table when you come in next month! Straight from Pinterest!

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