Today Was Good, Today Was Fun. Tomorrow Is Another One. – Dr. Seuss

A lot of good stuff happened this weekend and I’m going to do my best to fit it all into one post. It was just that great that I need to share everything!

Saturday, I went on a mini road trip with the BFF. We drove to this store called Our Favorite Place in Eufaula, Ok. It’s a store dedicated to selling only made in Oklahoma products. They’ve got jewelry, foods, chocolates, art, etc. It was a really neat place. I ended up getting most of my foodie pen pal foods from there. But, I also ended up buying lots of stuff for myself. Here’s what I got for myself.


I got Ruby’z red sauce, mango salsa, beef jerky, bloody Mary mix, green chile stew soup mix, orange blossom honey, salsa mix, and BLT dip mix. Two things I also got (not pictured) are chipotle lime mustard and jalapeño pecan brittle. The brittle was AMAZING! Spicy and smoky and just plain good! It isn’t sugar free, but I really wanted to try it. So, I bought it and sent some in my FPP box and gave some to my dad and then I kept only a little. 🙂

After I got home, I was hungry so I made some chicken apple sausage, Brussels sprouts, and rice with corn and bell pepper. I added a little of the chipotle lime mustard to my sautéed sausage and it was good!


Sunday, I went over to my dads for our usual Sunday stir-fry. We choose a different stir-fry recipe every week so we hardly ever make the same thing twice. This time it was Thai style chicken with walnuts. It turned out to be my favorite stir-fry so far!

Here’s what all it had in it:
White onion
Yellow bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Water Chestnuts
Bamboo shoots
Crushed red pepper flakes
Chicken broth
Oyster sauce
Fish sauce
Brown sugar






We served it over some jasmine rice and ate it all up! Well, actually, it made a lot so I’ve got leftovers for dinner tomorrow. Yay!

To top off the great weekend, I went to Sunday evening church. I love Sunday nights because it’s our small group of young adults who get together. We talk as a group about whatever lesson our youth leader is on. Then we break up into smaller groups based on gender.

I was in a group with some amazing females and we had a great lesson. I feel like I learned a lot about them, and about myself. They have a great bond in the church that is similar to a family bond.

I also had a lot of firsts at church tonight. I have a huge fear of speaking out loud, especially in front of people I don’t know well, and I faced my fear and spoke out loud and put my thoughts out there for people to hear. It was a great feeling not being paralyzed by my fear. At the end, we did a prayer circle, so I prayed out loud with other people for the first time. I was nervous about it and one of the girls gave me advice and made me feel at ease and it worked. I felt like it was the easiest thing to do in that moment because I felt like God was helping me and the words just flowed out. It was refreshing to put myself out there and face my fears and realize how easy it was to overcome those fears.

Well, that’s how my great weekend went. Hope yours was great as well! 🙂

One thought on “Today Was Good, Today Was Fun. Tomorrow Is Another One. – Dr. Seuss

  1. So happy you had a fun and activity-filled weekend!! Facing fears, trying new things…that is growth at its finest, my friend. 🙂 well done.

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