Spaghetti Squash + 3 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

I ate spaghetti squash last weekend for the first time ever. I must say, I’m not overly impressed by it. Yeah, obviously it’s really cool that it shreds and looks like skinny noodles, but the taste didn’t blow me away.

I made a recipe with the BFF where we roasted it, filled it with some grilled chicken and marinara sauce, and then topped it with cheese.




I liked the recipe because it was simple, but maybe it was too simple. The flavors were really one note. Also, I wasn’t sure if I cooked it long enough. Maybe it would have wowed me if I had cooked it a little longer so that the “noodles” would’ve been a tad softer.

I’m a HUGE fan of acorn squash and butternut squash so I’m surprised I didn’t fall in love with the spaghetti squash right away. I’m definitely willing to try it again, I’ll just use a different recipe next time.

Even though I’m not obsessed with spaghetti squash, I’ve got a few things I AM obsessed with right now.

1. Overnight Oats
I’m sure you’ve seen or even tried overnight oats. They’ve been all the rage in the blog world for a while now. I’ve tried them in the past and hated them. Like, spit them out of my mouth they were so disgusting. I’m sure you really wanna go out and make some now after that rave review! But you should! I first tried them using a recipe with Greek yogurt in it. I hate Greek yogurt (for the most part) so I hated the overnight oats. I recently decided to give them another chance and I’m glad I did! I basically used all the same ingredients but omitted the yogurt.

Here’s my recipe:
1/2 cup oats
3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 tbs PB2
3/4 tbs cocoa powder
1 tbs chia seeds
1 squirt liquid stevia
A couple drops of extract (I used chocolate hazelnut extract)

Mix everything together in a bowl, cover, and put into refrigerator. You do this the night before (hence the name overnight oats, clever huh?) and when you wake up for breakfast, you take it out of the fridge and eat it. Yummy!

2. Thai Sweet Chili Pop-Chips
I LOVE THESE CHIPS! The flavor is exactly what it says it’s going to taste like. These are cool because they’re not fried and they’re not baked. They’re popped! I love them because they’re low in fat, have no preservatives, no bad fats, non greasy, lower calories than chips, and they’re DELICIOUS! Here’s the link to their website.

3. Yogurt Ranch Dressing


This yogurt salad dressing I found at Walmart has become a huge favorite of mine. It has 40 calories for 2 tbs and it tastes exactly like ranch. I seriously can’t believe it’s not full fat ranch. I’ve been having a side salad every night with dinner the past week because I love this stuff so much.

I recently went to Whole Foods and bought a few new products to try. I can’t wait to try them and review them soon!

6 thoughts on “Spaghetti Squash + 3 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

  1. I told you a long time ago to try it without yogurt…glad you finally tried it again! 🙂 it’s my favorite bc I’m lazy and I can just grab it and eat in the car in the morning.

    • Yeah, I don’t know what took me so long to try it without the yogurt! It was a great breakfast this morning! I bet the chocolate pb2 would be awesome in it. 🙂

      • Sorry I didn’t mean to make that sound like “I told you so!” Lol I’m just glad you gave it another chance. I havnt had it myself in awhile, maybe I’ll give them another whirl this week. I’ve been giving myself a break from Greek yogurt. I inhale that stuff like it free cadbury eggs 🙂

      • Lol, it’s cool! It didn’t sound like that! 😉 I needed a change from my typical cereal so I’m doing the oats this week. I went ahead and bought some steal cut oats. I had just regular ones here, but I’ve seen that a lot of people use the steel cut. Do you know what the difference is? The only difference I’ve seen so far is that steel cut has 150 calories for 1/4 cup and regular oats have 150 calories for 1/2 cup. :-/

  2. I think when you’re here in another week, I will strive to make spaghetti squash so that you love it! I love a challenge!!

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