My Newest Obsessions

Liquid Stevia
It’s perfect to sweeten tea, overnight oats, or really anything. It’s simple because you just squeeze it out, so there’s no measuring needed.


I love flavoring healthy stuff to make it taste indulgent. With extracts, I can transform my peanut butter into something unique. Or, I can turn my overnight oats into banana bread. Uh huh, I made my oats taste like yummy banana bread. Keep on reading to get the recipe!


Thai Sweet Chili Pop-Chips
These things are addictive. If you HAVEN’T tried pop-chips, you should. And if you HAVE tried pop-chips but not this flavor, you should. It’s like Chinese food in a chip. A healthy chip at that. We all know Chinese food is generally not too healthy (depending on what you get) so these chips really hit the spot when I want some Chinese food.


My Grocery Shopping
I went grocery shopping today and I realized how different I shop now than how I used to grocery shop. I once heard that when you grocery shop, you should be shopping the perimeter of the store. I didn’t intentionally do that, but I just realized today that that’s how I shop. As I was checking out, I noticed I had fresh vegetables, multiple lettuces, frozen vegetables, milk, meat, yogurt, cheese, and cereal. All but a few items came from the perimeter of the store. I was pretty impressed with myself.

China Mist Tea
I went to lunch with a friend today and we went to Old School Bagel Cafe. They had some great flavored teas there. I had an unsweetened orange blossom black tea. I loved it! Later while out shopping, I came across the China Mist brand teas and of course had to buy some.


Lunch was a total success! Not only was the tea great but Old School Bagel Cafe has some good bagels and a surprisingly delicious salad too. I had the 1/2 bagel sandwich and 1/2 salad combo. I got the el fuego bagel, which has cayenne pepper in it. It was spicy and delicious. On my sandwich I had turkey, guacamole, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato. For my 1/2 salad, I chose the Asian salad. It had shredded lettuce, green onions, mandarin oranges, sliced candied almonds, roasted chicken, and Asian vinaigrette dressing.

It was soooo good! I also saw on their website that you can make a bagel “skinny” by having them scoop out the inside of it for you. I wish I had known that when I went, but there’s always next time!

Ok, as promised, here is my recipe for Banana Bread Overnight Oats:

1/4 cup steel cut oats
2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 Tbs chia seeds
1 and 1/2 Tbs PB2
1 or 2 squirts of liquid stevia (or more depending on how sweet you like it)
1/2 tsp banana cream extract (or more, depending on how strong you like the banana flavor)
1/3 of a banana cut into slices

Mix everything together in a cup or bowl really well. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Eat in the morning.

I absolutely loved this recipe. I am having a lot of fun experimenting with extracts and my overnight oats. I just bought 6 new extracts today so be watching out for new creations! 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Newest Obsessions

  1. I knew I had seen that stevia to go somewhere! I almost thought I was crazy. I was gonna put a bottle in my purse so I can put it in my tea at restaurants. I’m trying to get off the whole diet pop thing.

    • That’s a great idea! I need to go pop free too….maybe soon.

      I didn’t even realize that it was stevia to go! I just thought it was liquid stevia like you have. It’s great though because it doesn’t drip and it’s not messy and it’s my favorite sweetener I’ve found!

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