March FPP

I can’t believe I almost forgot to blog about my March foodie pen-pal! Not sure what FPP is? Click here to find out! To briefly explain, it’s a monthly pen-pal program where you exchange foods with other people. It’s a chance to try different foods from all over the country, depending on where your pen-pal lives. I love being a part of this program and I highly recommend you go sign up if you’re a foodie!

March was such a great month for FPP. I got paired with Cleda Wang who lives in Illinois. Here’s a picture of what she sent me!


I immediately opened the spinach and roasted garlic crackers. They tasted just like garlicky spinach. I loved them! To be honest, the picture is a little deceiving as I had already consumed the whole box before I got a picture, so the box was empty in the picture. 😦 I’ll have to look for these in a store near me because they were delicious!

The chai spiced oatmeal was also great. It not only had oats in it, but also flax seeds, barley, and quinoa. I wish the chai flavor had been a bit stronger, but I still definitely enjoyed this oatmeal!

I was excited to try the pita chips because they were pumpkin seed and cranberry flavored. I didn’t love these because they were a sweet chip, but my BFF loved them so I gladly gave them to her.

I haven’t tried the coconut water yet, mostly because I forgot to, and partly because I’ve tried coconut water before and didn’t like it. This one is flavored like tropical fruit, so if I’m ever going to like coconut water, this would be the flavor to make that happen. I’ll be sure to try it soon and let you know what I think!

I also got 5 different Korean teas. I love when I get something unique to a persons culture in my box. I would have NEVER bought these because they’re written (mostly) in Korean. I’m so glad she sent these! Two of the flavors are sweet pumpkin yam and walnut almond. Umm…yum!!

I definitely saved the best for last. You see that little bag in the back on the left? Yeah, the pop chips. Not just ANY pop chip, but the Thai Sweet Chili pop chips. These things were addictive and extremely yummy! If you read my last post, then you saw that these are one of my latest obsessions. After I ate the bag of pop chips (which took only 3 hours) I went online to Amazon and ordered a case (12 bags) of these pop chips. ALL my future FPPs are getting a bag! Well, if they last that long then they will. I better stop eating them…

Cleda did such a great job with my box! I really loved that I hadn’t tried any of the products she sent me. That always makes it fun when it’s something new! Like I said earlier, if this sounds fun to you, then go sign up here for the month of April!


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