My Weekend Adventure + Some Fantastic Foods

Back again from weekend number 2 in Dallas! This weekend was just as great as the last! I won’t be too detailed (that way this doesn’t end up being another loooooonnnggg post)!

Saturday started off with pedicures and blowouts, which were both great. I love it when people do things for me. 🙂

After that, we headed over to the baby shower. This shower was thrown by my sisters friends and they did a fantastic job! They had a mustache theme and it couldn’t have been cuter!






And here are the beautiful hosts of the baby shower.


And here’s my sister, my mom, and I. Aren’t we pretty?


After the baby shower, my mom and I entertained ourselves for a couple hours and then headed to the area of town where we were having dinner that night. We got there early, so we hit up a few of the nearby stores.

My favorite place we went to was called Bolsa Mercado. They sold sandwiches and pastries and pre-made dinners, but they also had a little “grocery store” area that I loved.







I ended up getting a few local Texas products from there. Here’s what I got!


I loved the chocolate bark. It’s called “I Am Healthy.” It has chia seeds, dried blueberries, dried goji berries, and hemp seeds in it. Yum!

I am super excited to try the yellow tomato sauce. When I did my internship in Dallas, we made a yellow tomato sauce for pizzas and it was delicious, so I’m looking forward to using this sauce somehow.

I had half of the energy bar today for my afternoon snack. I love trying raw products with simple wholesome ingredients and no added sugar. This bar was very tasty! An added bonus is that it says to reuse the bag, which has a ziplock on it, so it’s a two-fer! 🙂

I bought the granola because it also has simple wholesome ingredients and only has 137 calories for 1/3 cup and 2 grams of sugar. I like things that aren’t too sweet and I’m sure this granola will be a great addition to some yogurt or by itself as my afternoon snack.

Next door to Bolsa Mercado was Driftwood, our dinner destination.




I looked up the menu beforehand and was instantly excited to try this place out. Their menu was sorta funky and unusual, and unlike anything I’d find in Tulsa.


They’re known for their octopus, which is braised for 45 hours. Haha, just kidding, it’s only braised for 4-5 hours! My sister ending up getting the octopus, which I tried, and it was great!


I had their soup special for appetizer, and it was probably the best soup I’ve ever had.


It was cream of asparagus soup with sautéed white and green asparagus with pan roasted parsnips, turnips, and rutabagas. It also had laughing bird shrimp and rhubarb chili oil in it. Yummy! If we hadn’t been in a nice restaurant, I would have licked the bowl clean. Just kidding….kinda… 🙂

For my entrée, I had the Maryland fluke.


My entrée was fantastic. The fluke fish was served over a potato purée, with lobster sauce, truffled black garlic purée, and an asparagus salad with asparagus three ways (creamed, sautéed, and shaved into long slices), with chorizo and a charred green onion. There was a lot of depth in the dish and all of the unique flavors worked really well together.

After dinner, we said goodbye to my sister and got one last picture with her. The next time I see her, she won’t be pregnant anymore!



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