Ways To Incorporate Veggies Into Your Diet

I just recently started mentoring the BFF in what to eat to help her lose weight before her wedding in October. I’m teaching her a lot of what I’ve been doing, which is to eat lots of vegetables, a little bit of carbs, some lean proteins, and no sugar.

While I’ve been telling her to eat more veggies, I realized I don’t have a ton of ways to show her how to make the veggies. I’ve gotten pretty boring lately in that I’ve just been steaming my veggies which doesn’t exactly require any recipe or time.

So I did a little thinking today as to how I get my veggie intake in and here’s how I incorporate vegetables into my diet.

First, I roasted vegetables for my meals this week. Roasting vegetables almost gives veggies that fried taste but without frying. I roasted green beans to go with my dinner and I roasted okra to eat as my vegetable at lunch.



If you’re a fan of fried okra, I highly suggest you try roasting it instead. It gets nice and crispy the longer you leave it in the oven and it’s absolutely delicious!

Another great way to incorporate vegetables is to purée them and put them into something else such as a smoothie or meatloaf. You’ll never even know they’re there! You can also try chopping the veggies up small and adding them into ground taco meat or adding them into your marinara sauce. These are super simple ways to up your veggie intake.

As you probably know from some of my past posts and recipes, I love using a vegetable as a vessel. Stuffing a zucchini or acorn squash is the easiest way for me to get in a lot of the veggies I need.


I also love using lettuce as a taco shell. You can stuff pretty much anything into lettuce. One of my recent favorites is an Asian chicken lettuce wrap.



Another recent favorite way to get in my veggies is to make a big bowl of vegetable soup. It’s seriously the easiest thing in the world. In my vegetable soup I add carrots, celery, onion, green bell pepper, corn, zucchini, and canned diced tomatoes. I use chicken broth for the liquid and add just a touch of salt.


I made this large bowl and all together it’s a little over 300 calories. I have a cup with my dinner and it ends up only being about 65 calories. This is the perfect way to get a rainbow of vegetables into your diet!

My last favorite way to eat vegetables (and the easiest!) is to buy Veggie Krunch.


It’s raw and dried out veggies such as onion, arugula, cabbage, kale, etc. They’ve got a few different flavors and they’re all super delicious! I’ve started buying these regularly and having them with my snack. They’re a little pricey ($5.99 a bag) but I personally love them and think they’re worth it.

These are the current ways I’m adding in vegetables to my diet. I love being creative and I’m sure I’ll find new ways soon and I can’t wait to share them with you!


7 thoughts on “Ways To Incorporate Veggies Into Your Diet

  1. Are you a professional cook? If not, you should be! I’m so happy your friend is also getting married! It’s a stressful thing trying to lose weight for our wedding. Anyways you need to literally have a cooking class and show me how to cook because I don’t cook like this..lol I get hungry every time I read your posts. 🙂

    • Haha, I DID go to culinary school, so I’ve got a lot of cooking skills, but I just recently started using those skills again. I love cooking and I’d love to show you some recipes to cook. Next good recipe I make, I’ll be sure to take step by step pictures so I can post in detail about it! Maybe that’ll help you a little?

      And yeah the BFF is getting married in October so I know how you feel about wanting to lose weight before your wedding cause she’s in the same boat! I’ve gotta get some more weight off too so I can look descent for the pictures. :-/

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