My Food This Week

My days off are Wednesday and Thursday right now. I utilize those days to do my meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep. I like to make something new every week. I dislike having to eat the same thing over and over but as a single person, sometimes that can be hard, and in order to cut down on my grocery bill, I’ll eat the same foods over and over all week long.

So around Wednesday, I start looking at recipes and getting ideas on what to cook and eat for the next week. This week I decided on strawberry smoothies for breakfast, hummus and pretzels for snack, laughing cow cheese wedges for snack, jambalaya with a side of roasted brussels sprouts for lunch, thai ground beef over rice with mixed vegetable soup for dinner, and multi-grain Cheerios for a late evening snack if I’m feeling hungry later in the evening.

My food schedule for today looks like this:

Snack-pita chips, salsa
Lunch-jambalaya, roasted brussels sprouts
Snack-laughing cow cheese wedge, saltines
Dinner-thai ground beef over rice, mixed vegetable soup

Every Wednesday, I will write out each days food schedule for the week so that I know exactly what’s planned. That way, there’s no, “I’m hungry, and tired, what should I make for dinner?” Every meal is literally planned out a week in advance. Obviously things happen and it could change, but I try to adhere to the food schedule as best I can.

Right now, I’m shooting to be under 1900 calories. This is a little high, but I’ll slowly work on getting it down.

Here are some pics of my delicious food from this week!





I couldn’t help myself. I had to sneak in a doggy pic. 🙂

My vegetable soup was fantastic. It has celery, onion, zucchini, squash, carrots, corn, tomatoes, and green beans. It also has lots of water, some beef bouillon cubes, salt and pepper, and some garlic powder.

Unfortunately, the Thai ground beef over rice wasn’t a success. It was ok but definitely not my favorite. I think I’ll sorta rinse off the ground beef and add it to my vegetable soup for the next couple days to make a hearty filling soup. Improvise. It’s what I do best.

Anyways, that is the latest update. Things are slowly getting better each day. Hopefully soon I’ll see or feel some results! Until next time!


Milkshakes For Breakfast

This smoothie thing is getting much better! I made an amazing smoothie this morning that tasted just like a milkshake. I know I said I’d give you my review of that new protein powder I’m trying out, so here’s my official review. It’s awesome!

Here are the ingredients in the protein powder.


Here’s my smoothie recipe from this morning.

Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake Smoothie

1 serving of Ka’Chava vanilla protein powder
1-2 cups of ice
1 cup spinach
1 and 1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
6 or 7 frozen strawberries
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

The texture of the protein powder was just a tad bit chalky but with the great milkshake taste, it seemed to work together. I have one more sample packet to try, the chocolate, and I’ll try that one soon and give my review. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up purchasing the protein powder if I can afford it since it tastes so good!

As for the rest of the day, it was great! I stayed on track all day. Yes, there were times I was hungry. But I wasn’t starving. I ended up adding in another snack that is after lunch and before dinner.

Here’s a sample of my food schedule:

9:15-Snack–hummus with pretzels
12:00-Lunch–baked chicken, roasted carrots, peas, green beans, 2 Oreos
2:45-Snack–pretzels, strawberries
5:30-Dinner–baked chicken, healthy carb, veggies

At the end of the day, I feel full enough. I’m not starving. I’m satisfied I guess would be the word. It reminds me of this Leeann Womak song where she sings, “Get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger.” I always took those lyrics literally. Anyways, that’s how I’m feeling at the end of the day. And I’m happy with that. 🙂

This Is Harder Than I Remember

Getting back into the healthy lifestyle has been harder than I thought. I kinda took it on and went full force and it’s not going well. After doing some reevaluating, I’ve decided to change things a bit.

But first, let me tell you about the changes I’ve made. First, I’ve decided to drink a protein packed smoothie for breakfast every morning. My mid morning snack is something around 150 calories. Lunch is filled with a healthy carb, lean protein, and lots of veggies. Dinner is basically the same as lunch.

Unfortunately, the above plan is not working. Although I love the smoothie for breakfast, I’m already hungry on my first break at work. So by lunch, I’m starving. Lunch isn’t filling me up because I’m used to eating so many more calories. By the time I get off work at 4:30, all I wanna do is eat something and it better be fast. Therefore, the setup of baking chicken and roasting veggies is just not going to cut it because that takes too long. Instead, for dinner, I find myself eating a whole bag of baked chips. Yep, the whole bag…

As for right now, I’m going to try to focus on making healthier choices while trying to come up with a system that works best for me. I’d love to continue to do smoothies in the morning, but I’ve got to get a good mid morning snack in that will help me make it to lunch. Also, the protein powder I bought, called Amazing Meals, only has 90 calories and 10 grams of protein. I’m thinking I might need to switch to one with more protein and calories to keep me feeling full.

Since I’m on this kick right now to be super cheap, I was able to find a company online with great reviews on their protein powder/meal replacement. I sent them an email asking for a sample and being the great company they are, they sent me 2 samples of their protein powder: one vanilla and one chocolate. Their protein powder includes lots of great ingredients such as flax seed, chia seeds, probiotics, healthy greens, healthy fruits, oats, brown rice protein, etc. The brand is called Ka’Chava. Right now, it’s only available online. Hopefully this switch over helps curb my appetite a little better.

I’ll follow up with you once I give Ka’Chava protein powder a try, which will be tomorrow and I’m excited! I’m making a strawberry vanilla smoothie with spinach. Yum!

I DO want to share with you guys a great smoothie recipe I received from the BFF. I made this smoothie my first day and it tasted great. Here’s the recipe!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
1-2 cups ice
1 frozen banana
1 tbs chia seeds
1 tbs ground flax seed
2 tbs oats
1 tbs unsweetened cocoa
1 scoop protein powder (I used Amazing Meals Vanilla Chai)
1 and 1/2 cups spinach
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/2 to 1 tsp extract (I used chocolate hazelnut)

In my amazing New Wave Blender, I first added the ice to get a crushed up texture. I then added the chopped up frozen banana, the almond milk, spinach, and then all of the dry ingredients. Last, I added the extract. Blend until smooth. Well, smooth-ish. Personally, I don’t mind it a little chunky. I like the texture.




After this amazing smoothie result, you’d think I probably would repeat that same recipe the next day right? Nope, I decided to try something new and it turned out horrible. Horrible is being nice. It was un-drinkable. I put mint extract in it to make it taste like mint chocolate chip. Instead it tasted more like liquid Vicks vapor rub. Gross! So that day’s breakfast turned into a frozen pre-made breakfast sandwich that I keep in the freezer for mornings where there isn’t enough time. Not as healthy as a smoothie, but not terrible.

Once I get breakfast under control, my next plan is to work on lunch. I typically find it easier to eat healthy for lunch at work. I always bring my lunch and never eat out, so lunch shouldn’t be too hard. Dinner is my biggest challenge. I will most likely have to start precooking my dinners at the beginning of the week and just reheat all week. We’ll see! I’ll focus on that once I get breakfast and lunch on track.

Anyways, I’m enjoying this whole “blogging” thing again so I hope to keep up with it on the regular. Here’s to hoping for better results this week!

Remember Me?

I’m back!

I’ve been on hiatus for months now and I’m glad to say, I’m back.

So much has changed!

First, I have a new job. With that job, there are pluses and minuses. The pluses? I now get to enjoy a normal lunch break like most of the world gets to enjoy. I have specific set work hours. I’m no longer living in my vehicle during the work hours. The minuses? I make less money. Eating healthy is more of a struggle now because I’m on a very strict budget. But considering the pluses and minuses, I’m much happier now at this job than I was at the last one.

So since I dropped off the face of the Earth, a lot more has changed. I was once down to 286 pounds and vowed I’d never go back to being over 300 pounds. Well, I lied. I am. In fact, I’m 350 pounds as of today. For a long while, I just stopped weighing myself. I’d given up. Again. Which I’m used to. I’ve given up many times before.

It’s hard getting back into the healthy rhythm. But it’s soooo easy to fall off and go back to your old ways. I’ve gone back to eating lots of carbs, drinking sugary drinks, eating only vegetables that come on a cheeseburger, etc. I still watch those motivational shows such as Biggest Loser and Extreme a Weight Loss but instead of using those shows for motivation, they’re back to being my nightly entertainment as I stuff frozen pizza and pop into my mouth as I watch.

I’ve been contemplating making the change to be healthy again and I know that I have to be ready and want it or it’s not going to work. I’ve been slowly inching closer to that moment where I decide “ok, I’m going to change.” And that moment, is today.

So here I am, confessing all my bad habits, confessing my disappointing weight, and everything I’m doing to change that. I’m not going to be upset with myself. This isn’t a sad journey anymore for me. I’ve changed a lot mentally and gotten myself healthier. I don’t want to be upset that I put back on weight, and I’m not. I just know that I deserve to be better, to live better, and to enjoy life.

Here’s my new journey and I’m glad to be sharing it with you!

Day 1 starts July 11th, 2014.