Remember Me?

I’m back!

I’ve been on hiatus for months now and I’m glad to say, I’m back.

So much has changed!

First, I have a new job. With that job, there are pluses and minuses. The pluses? I now get to enjoy a normal lunch break like most of the world gets to enjoy. I have specific set work hours. I’m no longer living in my vehicle during the work hours. The minuses? I make less money. Eating healthy is more of a struggle now because I’m on a very strict budget. But considering the pluses and minuses, I’m much happier now at this job than I was at the last one.

So since I dropped off the face of the Earth, a lot more has changed. I was once down to 286 pounds and vowed I’d never go back to being over 300 pounds. Well, I lied. I am. In fact, I’m 350 pounds as of today. For a long while, I just stopped weighing myself. I’d given up. Again. Which I’m used to. I’ve given up many times before.

It’s hard getting back into the healthy rhythm. But it’s soooo easy to fall off and go back to your old ways. I’ve gone back to eating lots of carbs, drinking sugary drinks, eating only vegetables that come on a cheeseburger, etc. I still watch those motivational shows such as Biggest Loser and Extreme a Weight Loss but instead of using those shows for motivation, they’re back to being my nightly entertainment as I stuff frozen pizza and pop into my mouth as I watch.

I’ve been contemplating making the change to be healthy again and I know that I have to be ready and want it or it’s not going to work. I’ve been slowly inching closer to that moment where I decide “ok, I’m going to change.” And that moment, is today.

So here I am, confessing all my bad habits, confessing my disappointing weight, and everything I’m doing to change that. I’m not going to be upset with myself. This isn’t a sad journey anymore for me. I’ve changed a lot mentally and gotten myself healthier. I don’t want to be upset that I put back on weight, and I’m not. I just know that I deserve to be better, to live better, and to enjoy life.

Here’s my new journey and I’m glad to be sharing it with you!

Day 1 starts July 11th, 2014.


2 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. Way to get back on course, Lindz! Let these life lessons propel you down the path. We all have our challenges and it’s what you do with them that reveals your true character. Kudos for the courage you are showing! So proud of the woman you have become.

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