My 27 Goals (An Updated List)

So if you remember, I made a list of 27 goals I’d like to accomplish from when I turned 27, up until when I turn 28. I’ve got until November 13th 2013 to complete my list. I’ve completed quite a few of my goals, so I’ve got an updated list.

My 27 Goals

1. Start a blog.
2. Compete in the Color Run-5k.
3. Lose 60 pounds.
4. Go to New York for a short weekend with my mom.
5. Go to church more often.
6. Try a new restaurant.
7. Make new friends.
8. Clean my apartment.
9. Have people over to my clean apartment.
10. Meet my nephew.
11. Make another super healthy dessert.
12. Whiten my teeth.
13. Make a killer playlist to workout to.
14. Go to a museum.
15. Take my mom out for a day of fun.
16. Read 3 books.
17. Go to Trader Joes.
18. Light my candles more often.
19. Watch the sun set.
20. Exercise with my sister.
21. Change the lightbulbs in my apartment.
22. Buy a lunch box.
23. Paint something at Pinot’s Palette.
24. Go to the farmers market on a Saturday morning.
25. Give up diet pop for a week.
26. Cook together with my dad.
27. Make homemade doggy treats for my dog.

I’m currently in the process of completing goal #25 (give up diet pop for a week). I’m on day 2. Day 1 was hard because I had a really bad headache. Day 2 isn’t so bad so far. I’m sure day 3 will be easy breezy. I’m actually trying to give up artificial sweeteners in my drinks altogether. So far I’ve just been drinking water, tea, and milk and I’ve been doing ok so far. 🙂

I hope to accomplish a few more of these goals in the next month. I’ll keep you updated!