2 Weeks And Counting

I just realized that I have officially gone 2 weeks without drinking diet pop or drinks that are flavored artificially.

Here’s my experience with giving it up over the past 2 weeks.

On days 1 and 2, I had pretty strong headaches. Also on the first 2 days, I found myself wanting to hit up Sonic happy hour for a diet pop. It was my usual routine to get a drink almost every afternoon. I felt that by having the diet pop to drink, it was easier to get from lunch to dinner without wanting to cheat on my diet.

I also noticed for the first week or so, I was really tired. I found myself falling asleep on the couch while watching tv. I felt very sluggish.

By days 7 and 8, I had stopped thinking about picking up an afternoon soda completely. It was becoming a habit to get an ice water at the drive through or to bring bottled water with me in the car everyday.

On day 14, yesterday, I hadn’t even realized until the end of the day that I’d gone a full 2 weeks without diet pop. I’m not even missing the stuff!

Some changes I’ve noticed are that in the beginning, I was really thirsty. Obviously, I was dehydrated. Although I was thirsty, it was hard to have only water to go to for a drink. Water was boring and didn’t taste very good. Even though I was thirsty, I wanted diet pop to quench my thirst.

Now, when I’m thirsty, I crave water. It’s weird to me because it’s been a looooooonnngggg time since I’ve craved water. I almost forgot the feeling of enjoying water.

As far as replacing diet pop, my MAIN drink now is water. I also have skim milk in my cereal in the morning and at night. Occasionally, I’ll have an iced tea. Who knew I could love the taste of tea without sugar?! I don’t think I even knew what tea tasted like before because I put so much sugar in it!

I’m still debating on whether I’m going to use stevia every now and then to sweeten things. I like a small glass of unsweetened almond milk at night sometimes with just a squirt of stevia extract. I think having one little squirt of stevia a couple times a week isn’t too bad, especially when compared to how much artificial sweetener I used to have.

I’ll do some more research and see what I come up with. I recently read a little about coconut palm sugar. It’s supposed to be low on the glycemic index, but it still has the same amount of calories as sugar. Eh, I think I’ll stick with my water and un-sweet tea for now. It’s working so why fix something that’s not broken. 🙂


My 27 Goals (An Updated List)

So if you remember, I made a list of 27 goals I’d like to accomplish from when I turned 27, up until when I turn 28. I’ve got until November 13th 2013 to complete my list. I’ve completed quite a few of my goals, so I’ve got an updated list.

My 27 Goals

1. Start a blog.
2. Compete in the Color Run-5k.
3. Lose 60 pounds.
4. Go to New York for a short weekend with my mom.
5. Go to church more often.
6. Try a new restaurant.
7. Make new friends.
8. Clean my apartment.
9. Have people over to my clean apartment.
10. Meet my nephew.
11. Make another super healthy dessert.
12. Whiten my teeth.
13. Make a killer playlist to workout to.
14. Go to a museum.
15. Take my mom out for a day of fun.
16. Read 3 books.
17. Go to Trader Joes.
18. Light my candles more often.
19. Watch the sun set.
20. Exercise with my sister.
21. Change the lightbulbs in my apartment.
22. Buy a lunch box.
23. Paint something at Pinot’s Palette.
24. Go to the farmers market on a Saturday morning.
25. Give up diet pop for a week.
26. Cook together with my dad.
27. Make homemade doggy treats for my dog.

I’m currently in the process of completing goal #25 (give up diet pop for a week). I’m on day 2. Day 1 was hard because I had a really bad headache. Day 2 isn’t so bad so far. I’m sure day 3 will be easy breezy. I’m actually trying to give up artificial sweeteners in my drinks altogether. So far I’ve just been drinking water, tea, and milk and I’ve been doing ok so far. 🙂

I hope to accomplish a few more of these goals in the next month. I’ll keep you updated!

My 27 Goals

My BFF recently told me about this idea she read about where on your birthday every year, you make a list of goals you want to accomplish that year. The number of goals you make is based off of how old you are. Even though my birthday is in November, I still thought it was a cool idea and I wanted to participate. Better late than never!

The BFF posted her goals on her blog recently and it inspired me to make my own list (I had been procrastinating). Here’s a link to see her 26 goals.
Megan’s Blog

So here goes MY list of 27 goals.

1. Start a blog- Well that was easy. I can mark this off of my list.

2. Compete in the Color Run 5k- I participated in the Glow Run, which was fun, but the color run looks like even more of a good time. My mom and I are going to do it together in April!

3. Lose 60 Pounds- The last weigh in I did was on Sunday and I weighed in at 335 pounds. That’s a 37 pound weight loss! I’m already over halfway there. Of course I’m going to keep going after 60 pounds, but this is a nice small stepping stone to a larger goal.

4. Go to New York for a weekend with my mom- My mom travels a lot and goes to New Jersey often. She mentioned me possibly flying out to NYC and having a fun weekend together since she’ll be in that area already. I’m excited and hope we get to do this because I’ve always wanted to go to NYC!

5. Go to Church more often- I’ve already accomplished this one as well. I’ve been to a church function, a Sunday night church service, and I’m going to Sunday morning service this Sunday. And I have been doing Bible study every Tuesday for the past 3 Tuesday’s.

6. Try a new restaurant- I always say there are tons of restaurants I wanna try but I usually end up going to the same places. Since I’m not eating out hardly at all, this would be a nice treat to do once.

7. Make new friends- I’ve got some great friends, so I’m not trying to replace any of them. It can never hurt to meet new people though. Did you ever know someone who had too many friends?

8. Clean my apartment- Like a deep clean. If you know me, you know I’m messy. And I’d like to actually have people over, which leads me to my next goal…

9. Have people over to my apartment- I never have anyone over because my apartment is messy. I’m determined to get it clean and keep it that way so that I can have people over and feel comfortable with it.

10. Meet my nephew- My only sibling is having her first baby and I’m soooo excited! He’s due in May and I plan on going to Dallas after he’s born to meet him. He’s going to be the cutest thing ever and I plan to spoil him and be the best aunt I can be!

11. Make another super healthy dessert- I enjoyed the banana chocolate blueberry muffins so much that I’d like to make another healthy dessert. It was just so cool to me that they turned out like a cupcake even though there was no butter, oil, or sugar. Crazy!

12. Get my teeth whitened- Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? I feel like mine could use a little whitening so why not?

13. Make a killer playlist to workout to- Pretty self explanatory. Rhapsody is amazing and I’m sure I can create a great playlist from all their song selections.

14. Go to a meseum- I haven’t been to a museum in forever! I’ve been talking about wanting to go to one so I put it on my list. Now I’ll have to make time for it. 🙂

15. Take my grandma out for a day of fun- I don’t see my grandma often enough so I should make an effort to spend some quality time with her. You never know, it could be her time to go tomorrow, and I don’t want to regret not spending time with her.

16. Read 3 books- I need to start reading again. I just don’t make time for it and I should. Three books isn’t that many, I can do it!

17. Go to Trader Joes- When I go down to Dallas next time, I’m going to visit Trader Joes. I hear it’s pretty great and that they’ve got good prices. I wish they’d bring one to Tulsa.

18. Light my candles more often- I love candles and I buy them pretty often, but I don’t light them that often and I don’t know why. They smell so great.

19. Watch the sun set- This one is simple and it happens every single day but I never pay attention to it.

20. Exercise with my sister- I can already imagine what this will look like. I’ll be a biggest loser contestant and she’ll be Jillian. Haha. I remember back in the day my sister and I used to do Tae Bo together and then go eat spam sandwiches. It was a lot of fun! Except this time, no spam.

21. Change the lightbulbs in my apartment- Some of them have gone out and I still haven’t changed them out. It’s getting darker in my apartment…haha.

22. Buy a lunch box- I need something besides a Reasors sack to bring my lunch in. I also need a reusable ice pack so I can keep it cold.

23. Paint something at Pinot’s Palette- I’ve been dying to go and paint a picture there! I hope to do this one soon with my momma.

24. Go to the farmers market on Saturday morning- Now that I’m eating more vegetables, it’d be nice to get some local fresh veggies from the farmers market.

25. Give up diet pop for a week- This one might be hard. I’m hoping that if I can give it up for a week, then I can try to cut it out completely. We shall see!

26. Cook together with my dad- This one is easy because I do it often, but it’s something I enjoy and I’d love to keep it up. We make a lot of healthy stir-frys in the wok I got him for Christmas. It’s become part of our Sunday ritual and I cherish that father daughter time together.

27. Make homemade doggy treats for my dog- I don’t buy treats often for my dog. She’s getting older and I think her stomach doesn’t tolerate them as well as it used to. I’ve heard that pumpkin is good to soothe a dogs stomach so I’d love to make her a treat that’s good for her.

Well, that’s my list of 27 goals I’d like to accomplish before November 13th 2013. I’ll update you on my progress as I complete them. I really like this idea of making goals. It gives you something to look forward to doing and it gives you a sense of accomplishment after you complete a goal. You should try it too!