Selfie (n.): a picture taken of a person by that person

So much to share!

It seems as though my blogging will be a weekly thing just because I only really have the time and energy to blog on the weekend. That makes for longer posts filled with everything from the week. I like having a theme, but it seems that my theme again this week is “a little bit of everything.” Boo. That’s boring. How about instead this weeks theme is “Selfies” because I have a lot of pictures to share and they’re mostly selfies.

So last week, I left off saying that I was about to go hike on Turkey mountain again with friends, which we did indeed go. We hiked for about 50 minutes and I think we went a couple miles. Of course, we took breaks along the way to drink some water and take pictures.


Again, I had such a great time hiking and even more fun hanging out with friends. After our hike, we went to Freebirds for delicious burritos for lunch.

I didn’t exercise again all week until Friday evening. My friend, Demi, has a gym membership to a gym where she can bring a buddy for free every time. Luckily, I’m her buddy and she takes me for free. This works perfectly for me because I’m cheap AND I need to save money for Mexico.

Demi is a great workout partner because we’re on the exact same level fitness wise. When we workout on the treadmills, we finish our miles at the exact same time. We do this partly because we’re motivating each other. I’ll start to run, and then she’ll run. Then she’ll start running and keep going, and then I’m motivated to run again. We’ve made it into a fun little game/competition and it really helps us go faster, harder, and longer.

Here we are on the treadmills.


After the walking/running on the treadmill, we usually do a lot of stretching. Then, we’ll use the weighted balls to do arm exercises. I really need to get rid of my “wings.” You know, the ones that show up when you lift your arms up and out to the side, yet don’t actually allow you to fly? Those wings.

Sometimes we’ll also ride the stationary bike or the elliptical as well. Most times, we’ve been staying over an hour at the gym. I’m really thankful I’m getting to go for free because when it starts getting really hot outside, I’m not going to want to be outside hiking and biking, so thank God for great friends with gym memberships!

More gym selfies!


That’s all of my exercise this week!

Let’s talk about the good stuff now. Food.

My eating was pretty terrible this week. I ordered pizza. Twice. One day, I even ate the entire pizza in 2 hours. This was me…


Only mine was thin crust. That’s better though right? Right? Anyone…?

Eh, obviously not. But I’m glad to say I’m still at the same weight. Hopefully I’m back to being motivated.

I DID make lots of healthy choices this week too.

Breakfast was the same as last week, omelets with toast and milk OR bran cereal with scrambled eggs.

Lunch this week was tuna sandwiches with carrots or fat free refried beans tacos with lettuce, tomato, and cheese with carrots on the side.

I have discovered how easy, fast, and delicious tacos can be. You can put anything into a taco! And they’re literally the quickest vegetarian lunch ever. Throw any canned bean or refried bean in there and add your favorite toppings such as avocado, low fat cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, salsa, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Oh, I also brought a frozen Trader Joes meal one day for lunch when I was being lazy and didn’t want to cook. And by cook, I mean pack my lunch with things that were already cooked.

Butter chicken with basmati rice. Definitely buying this again! It was spicy and very flavorful and only 385 calories. Yum!

Dinner was pizza (twice), chicken tenders with zucchini fries and carrots, huevos rancheros, or a sandwich bought from Walmart with Pringles. Like I said, my eating wasn’t great this week.



The huevos rancheros was pretty tasty. It was 3 corn tortillas topped with 2 over easy eggs topped with black beans, tomatillo salsa, shredded lettuce, and crumbled cotija cheese.

I’m really hoping to get my healthy eating back on track this week. I have my nutritionist appointment in a week and I’d like to be able to show progress since I last saw her, almost 4 weeks ago.

I probably shouldn’t tell my nutritionist about the food truck festival I went to today. I had so much food: jerk chicken tacos with black bean and corn salsa with chipotle mayo, chips and black bean dip, fried mini donuts topped with fruity pebbles, and a hotdog topped with bacon, cheese, cream cheese (because one cheese isn’t enough), and ranch. The festival was so much fun though and worth it, especially since I got to hang out with the bestie.

Here we are right when we got to the festival. We were waiting in a really long line for tacos. I was “sad” because it was hot and I was hungry.


Overall, I’d still say this week was a great week. I remember before when I was at my heaviest, I didn’t enjoy being out or going places. My life was staying in at home almost all the time, in the comfort of my air conditioned home. While I was technically alive, I wasn’t living. Now, even though I’m still extremely overweight, I feel like I’m living my life. I’m getting out, going places, seeing sights, and not living life in front of the tv. It’s refreshing.

Also (a side note) I’m taking pictures again! I NEVER took pictures before because I was fat and felt gross. Now, I’m still fat, but I’m ok with the pictures. I want to be able to look back on my life and have photos of the great memories and events from my life. (Even if the photos are taken at an angle and taken from up high to reduce my double chin and have an added filter….)
This post would not be complete without one more selfie. Or 2 more.  🙂


What I [ _____ ] Wednesday

What I blank Wednesday? What does that even mean?

Well, typically bloggers blog about WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday. But I don’t want to limit it to just food. So it’s going to be:

What I ate Wednesday
What I watched Wednesday
What I did Wednesday
What I worked out Wednesday
What I thought Wednesday

You get the gist, right?

Here’s what I ate Wednesday.

Cheerios and skim milk

Chicken Caesar wrap with ranch dressing instead of Caesar dressing

So basically I had a ranch chicken wrap. It had grilled chicken, lots of romaine lettuce, yogurt ranch salad dressing, and Parmesan cheese all wrapped up in my favorite low carb-high fiber wheat tortilla.



Best wrap I’ve made in a while, hands down!

Afternoon snack:
Sabras individual hummus with raw cauliflower and Skinny Pop popcorn

Chicken apple sausage stir fry with lots of green bell pepper and red onion over brown rice

Evening snack:
Raw brownie bites and skim milk

What I did Wednesday.

Well, I worked. Nothing special. Luckily it wasn’t too busy at work and I got to watch a couple shows that are on the DVR in between working. I’m a huge reality TV fan. So I watched The Taste, Teen Mom 2, and American Idol. Idol is definitely my favorite TV show on right now (followed by Glee). 🙂

What I worked out Wednesday.

I worked out my body of course! But more specifically, I worked out on the elliptical for 33 minutes. Last Wednesday, I did the elliptical for 30 minutes. My goal for this Wednesday was to increase the amount of time I went. Yay for improvement!


I took a picture of the machine at 30 minutes (it stops at 30 minutes for some reason) but I kept going for another 3 minutes after. Total, I burned about 240 calories. That’s like 1/2 of my lunch in calories. Once I get up to an hour on the elliptical, that’d be almost 500 calories burned! (New goal! Burn 500 calories… once.)

What I thought Wednesday.

Today, I actually couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow! I’m getting off work a couple hours early tomorrow and I’m spending the evening with my mom. I can’t tell you what we’re doing, but I CAN tell you that it’s going to be lots of fun! I’ll of course blog about it, so you’ll have to come back after tomorrow to find out what we did! 🙂

Another thought I had today, which is unrelated to anything, was about the weather. The weather today was 50 degrees. So if you’re standing in the shade, it’s like “I’m chilly, I need my sweatshirt on.” If you’re standing in the sunlight, it’s more like “It’s warm in this sweatshirt.” Move two feet and you’re back in the shade. Move two more feet and you’re back in the sun. It’s a lose lose! That’s Oklahoma weather for ya!

Anyways, happy Wednesday everybody!

Workout Wednesday

Wednesday is a good night for me and the BFF to get together for a workout since she comes to Tulsa (she lives 30 minutes or so from me). I hadn’t planned to workout tonight but when she texted me, I thought, “Well I’d love to see her so, yeah, let’s workout!”

We didn’t have a plan of what we wanted to do for our workout. So, since we’re both participating in The Color Run, we figured we should either walk on the treadmill or do the elliptical. She chose the elliptical so that’s what we decided to do. We ended up going for 30 minutes and I burned a little over 200 calories. I was pretty impressed with myself cause there have been times when I couldn’t last 5 minutes on the elliptical. The 30 minutes went by quickly since we had so much to catch up on and it was a great feeling to workout again. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve exercised. We already have plans to go again Sunday.

Not only did I get a workout in tonight, but the BFF also brought me some treats! Healthy treats! Here’s a picture of the goods.


The bottom two goodies are roasted chickpeas. The flavor on the right is a taco type flavor and the flavor on the left is agave and cinnamon. These were both delicious and a great snack! I think I’ll pack some in my lunch for tomorrow.

The top right little muffins are a healthy chocolate chip muffin made using mashed bananas and sweet potatoes and no flour. They tasted just like a chocolate chip muffin with a mild banana flavor. Soooooo good!

And last, but certainly not least, are raw brownie bites! They’re obviously the dark brown balls on the plate. 🙂 These were my favorite! I’m not 100% sure what all is in them. When the BFF was telling me about them, she said they were bad so I guess I stopped paying attention to what was in them, haha. I know she used dates, unsweetened cocoa powder, almond extract, vanilla extract, Splenda, and stevia. Either way, they were yummy! It was kinda crunchy inside and tasted like a brownie bite with nuts in it. I ate them both for dessert. 🙂

To complete this great day, my sister caught up on reading my blog and posted 8 great comments on all my previous posts. It was nice to log in and read her thoughts. I didn’t realize just how much I appreciate her encouragement and support until I didn’t have it for a week (she was on vacation). I’m glad she’s back!

Anyways, just a reminder, tomorrow is Foodie Pen-Pal reveal day! I’ll post about what I received in my box this month. You don’t want to miss it! 🙂