Alrighty, Day 3 Update!

So first, let’s talk about my exercise last night!

I decided to skip the treadmill and just walk outside because of the perfect weather. I didn’t take a watch or phone with me outside, I just went and walked until I decided it was time to stop. I checked the clock before I left and right when I got home. I walked exactly 20 minutes. I’ll take it!

I stopped right around the time my side was starting to hurt. I’m sure it started hurting because I had just eaten Chinese food for dinner and stuffed myself. At one point while walking, I felt myself want to throw up and I had to suppress it. It’s not a good feeling while you’re trying to exercise which is why I always work out on an empty or pretty empty stomach. But hey, it’s the first time I’ve exercised in months so I’m not going to complain! 🙂

As far as my eating, today was pretty good. I ate healthy at every meal and I didn’t overindulge at snack time. I DID go to a movie and have some buttered popcorn, but I also had 400 calories left in my day so I think I didn’t go over my calorie goal too much. Oh wait, I had a pop at the movie theater… Eh, so I went over a lot more than I thought. I just have to keep the mindset that it’s not the end of the world and to look a ahead to making the next meal better and healthy.

Tomorrow’s a new day!