Sweating Rainbows

The Tulsa Color Run was this past weekend, and it was my first time participating. If you remember from my goal list, I had on there to complete The Color Run, and I’m glad to say, I did!

It took about an hour to finish, and I was definitely happy with that time. I got my mom to do the 5k with me and I’m glad it was something we got to do together!

If you’re not familiar with The Color Run, it’s basically a fun 5k where you start out wearing a white shirt (and some pants of course!) and along the way, you get covered in colored powders. In the end, you end up looking like a rainbow. 🙂

The race was great because about 5 times along the way, they had the color stations set up. It gave you something to look forward to so that the exercise part didn’t seem so bad.

Here are some before pictures…




Like I said earlier, there were color stations along the way. At one of them, I told my mom that we should take a pictures, so we stopped over by the “orange” sign to take a couple pictures. As I was pulling out my phone from the ziplock baggy, my debit card flew out of the ziplock and bounced down into the rain drain on the side of the road. I’ll forever remember the color run for the fact that I lost my debit card down the drain!

Here I am right after it happened. I’m pretty sure I was annoyed…haha.


I quickly forgot about the debit card and enjoyed the rest of the race with my mom. After we finished, we met up with Megan and took some after pictures.





And then we refueled with some KIND nut bars they were handing out after the race. Yum! I had the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt one. Delicious!


After the race, I of course took a long shower, but I had blue coloring in my ears for 2 days after! It was a really fun race though and I’m already looking forward to The Color Run-2014!

I’m setting a goal right now to be able to run (not walk!) The Color Run next year. We shall see…


I’ve Died And Gone To Food Truck Heaven

I have an obsession with food trucks. There’s something about serving delicious foods out of a tiny truck that excites me.

The whole food truck phenomenon has really caught on in some larger cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, etc. I had high hopes that Tulsa might eventually join the bandwagon of food trucks. You wouldn’t believe how surprised/excited I was to come across a Groupon one day for a food truck in Tulsa. Unfortunately, the gourmet food truck closed before I had the chance to use my Groupon. I was totally bummed out.

Luckily, last weekend, I was able to get my food truck fill!

While in Dallas this past weekend, my mom and I had Sunday morning/afternoon to do whatever we wanted to do in Dallas before we headed back to Tulsa. My sister had told us about this park called Klyde Warren Park and had mentioned how they had food trucks there. My response? “You had me at food trucks!”

My mom and I decided to go check out the park and eat at the food trucks for lunch. This park ended up being the best park I’ve ever been to! It wasn’t great just because of the food trucks, but also for the park itself. There was a dog park, lots of different play areas for kids, a really cool tree house, in-ground water fountains, a garden area, an area with books, toys, and a piano, a large open area for picnics or games, a small stage for events, etc. There was tons of seating in the form of benches and lots of tables and chairs. Here are some pictures I took of the park, although I don’t think these pictures do the park justice.







After we walked around the park, we scoped out the line of food trucks. There was a good variety of options to choose from. They had a sushi truck, a cupcake truck, a Vietnamese fusion truck, a New York deli sandwich truck, a grilled cheese truck, a make your own ice cream sandwich flavor truck, etc.






My mom and I both ended up choosing the Vietnamese fusion truck. Here’s their menu.


My mom got the banh mi with pork and I got the tacos, one with chicken and one with pork.

Not sure what a banh mi is? Here’s the breakdown for you!


I was excited she got the banh mi because I’ve always wanted to try one. We decided to share our meals, so I got 1/2 of a banh mi sandwich and one pork taco.


The taco and banh mi sandwich had the same toppings so its hard to tell them apart in that picture. I was actually afraid I wouldn’t like the pickled carrot and daikon on the banh mi so that’s why I didn’t order it. (Some things just aren’t meant to be pickled, ya know?) The tacos ended up coming with the same pickled vegetables, so I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t like it.

I actually didn’t like it……..I loved it! The pickled carrot and daikon ended up being the best part! It was slightly sweet, still crunchy, and delicious. The pork on both were super flavorful, even though they were different flavors of pork (one was BBQ pork and the other was honey grilled pork).

If I’m being honest, I loved the taco more than the banh mi. I just prefer the corn tortilla instead of the baguette bread. My mom felt the same way, but they were still both incredibly delicious.

After we finished our Vietnamese food, I decided I HAD to try the ice cream from the food truck where you could make your own ice cream sandwich flavor combinations. They had some unique ice cream flavors and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one.



Once I saw the fried chicken and waffles ice cream, I stopped reading the other flavors. It wasn’t until now that I realized they had beer and pretzels or mango with saffron or brown butter with candied bacon ice cream flavors.

Of course I had to try the fried chicken and waffles!


Doesn’t look like fried chicken and waffles…

And definitely didn’t taste like fried chicken and waffles…

Don’t get me wrong, it was great ice cream, but I guess my expectations were a little high. I was hoping to see chunks of fried chicken in there! It was more like a buttery ice cream with a nice caramel flavor to it. Eh, I think they should change the name though, it’s deceiving. 🙂

The last food truck I visited was the cupcake food truck. I saw that they had an Oreo cupcake and I knew I had to get one for the BFF. She recently made an Oreo cookie filling dip so I knew that the Oreo cupcake was meant for her. Since they were mini, I got her 3 different flavors. I forgot to take any pictures of the cupcakes but she said they were all yummy!

I had such a great time at the Klyde Warren Park and an even better time getting to FINALLY eat from a food truck! I can’t wait to visit other food trucks in the future. I think I’ll make it a goal to try out a new food truck in the next city I go to!

Completely unrelated, but I took a cute picture of myself in the hotel in Dallas so I thought I’d share!


Hope everyone’s week has been great!

My Weekend Adventure + Some Fantastic Foods

Back again from weekend number 2 in Dallas! This weekend was just as great as the last! I won’t be too detailed (that way this doesn’t end up being another loooooonnnggg post)!

Saturday started off with pedicures and blowouts, which were both great. I love it when people do things for me. 🙂

After that, we headed over to the baby shower. This shower was thrown by my sisters friends and they did a fantastic job! They had a mustache theme and it couldn’t have been cuter!






And here are the beautiful hosts of the baby shower.


And here’s my sister, my mom, and I. Aren’t we pretty?


After the baby shower, my mom and I entertained ourselves for a couple hours and then headed to the area of town where we were having dinner that night. We got there early, so we hit up a few of the nearby stores.

My favorite place we went to was called Bolsa Mercado. They sold sandwiches and pastries and pre-made dinners, but they also had a little “grocery store” area that I loved.







I ended up getting a few local Texas products from there. Here’s what I got!


I loved the chocolate bark. It’s called “I Am Healthy.” It has chia seeds, dried blueberries, dried goji berries, and hemp seeds in it. Yum!

I am super excited to try the yellow tomato sauce. When I did my internship in Dallas, we made a yellow tomato sauce for pizzas and it was delicious, so I’m looking forward to using this sauce somehow.

I had half of the energy bar today for my afternoon snack. I love trying raw products with simple wholesome ingredients and no added sugar. This bar was very tasty! An added bonus is that it says to reuse the bag, which has a ziplock on it, so it’s a two-fer! 🙂

I bought the granola because it also has simple wholesome ingredients and only has 137 calories for 1/3 cup and 2 grams of sugar. I like things that aren’t too sweet and I’m sure this granola will be a great addition to some yogurt or by itself as my afternoon snack.

Next door to Bolsa Mercado was Driftwood, our dinner destination.




I looked up the menu beforehand and was instantly excited to try this place out. Their menu was sorta funky and unusual, and unlike anything I’d find in Tulsa.


They’re known for their octopus, which is braised for 45 hours. Haha, just kidding, it’s only braised for 4-5 hours! My sister ending up getting the octopus, which I tried, and it was great!


I had their soup special for appetizer, and it was probably the best soup I’ve ever had.


It was cream of asparagus soup with sautéed white and green asparagus with pan roasted parsnips, turnips, and rutabagas. It also had laughing bird shrimp and rhubarb chili oil in it. Yummy! If we hadn’t been in a nice restaurant, I would have licked the bowl clean. Just kidding….kinda… 🙂

For my entrée, I had the Maryland fluke.


My entrée was fantastic. The fluke fish was served over a potato purée, with lobster sauce, truffled black garlic purée, and an asparagus salad with asparagus three ways (creamed, sautéed, and shaved into long slices), with chorizo and a charred green onion. There was a lot of depth in the dish and all of the unique flavors worked really well together.

After dinner, we said goodbye to my sister and got one last picture with her. The next time I see her, she won’t be pregnant anymore!


Sunday In Dallas

Day two in Dallas was just as fun as the first day!

First , we had (free!) breakfast at the hotel. This was my cheat meal for the weekend. They had omelets, waffles, all sorts of juices, all types of milk, biscuits and gravy, eggs, yogurt, cereal, sausage and bacon, potatoes, and more! It was very tasty and filling.

After breakfast, we went over to my sisters house. We got to see the baby room she and Steve created for Ethan. If you haven’t noticed, my sister is quite good at everything she does, so it’s no surprise that the baby room she decorated looks amazing and super professional! Here are some pics.




My favorite part of the room is the dark blue ceiling. It looks like a nighttime sky and I just love it.

Next, my sister took us to the Dallas Arboretum. It’s a place with tons of gorgeous flowers, plants, trees, pretty water, etc. It also happens to be where my sister got married. 🙂 I had a great time walking around and seeing all the colorful landscape.









This next picture is my favorite. The plant was called whales tongue. I don’t think the name could be any more fitting.


I love this next picture of my mom and sister.


And after that photo, I told them to do silly faces. This is what I got…


This picture cracks me up! They look like they either just lost a loved one, or they’re super tired and fell asleep. Haha. 🙂

After the Arboretum, we said goodbye to my sister and Steve and headed to Trader Joes.


I’ve been really wanting to go to Trader Joes for quite some time now. Megan and I have received foods from there in our FPP boxes and we had heard such great things about the quality and the prices, so I was extremely excited to go to one in Dallas.

I expected Trader Joes to be bigger, but it was still a great place with lots of stuff.





I read some reviews beforehand to see which products other people love. I didn’t take any pictures of my stuff but here’s what I ended up buying. I got 2 bags of kale chips, a large bag of chili lime cashews, pre-made sushi, roasted tomato and red pepper soup, coconut oil spray, TJs multi grain cheerios, sweet basil chicken sausage, pb&j candy bar, enchilada sauce, salsa verde, truffle cheese, Trader Joes version of barbecue pop-chips, and a few other things I can’t remember at the moment.

The kale chips were $3.00 cheaper at TJs than at the store I usually buy them at here in Tulsa. AND, they were delicious! The cashews are sooooo yummy! They’re spicy and addictive. I’ve eaten the chicken sausage all week long for dinner. It’s great! The barbecue pop chips tasted exactly like the real pop chips, but for less money. I love a good deal. Of course the truffle cheese was amazing. Can you really go wrong with truffle flavored anything? No, you can’t.

The only thing I did NOT like was the pre-made sushi. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty bad. But, it was only $3.99, so it wasn’t a big loss.

I can’t wait to try the rest of the stuff I bought, soon! Now next time I go to Trader Joes, I’ll know what’s good.

After Trader Joes, we headed back to Tulsa. But, I’ll be in Dallas again this weekend for another baby shower for my sister. Can’t wait! Should be another great weekend!

Saturday…. aka My Longest Post Ever

I finally got the time to write about my weekend trip and I’m excited to tell you all about it. We did a lot in those 2 short weekend days, so I’m going to split it up. Today, I’ll tell you all about last Saturday.

First, we drove down to Dallas from Tulsa. It took a little over 4 hours and the time flew by because I was enjoying spending time with my mom and grandma. Once we got there, we checked into our hotel where my sister picked us up to go get our hair did.

This was my first time seeing my sister pregnant, and let me tell you, she’s the cutest pregnant person ever! Seriously, adorable! I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister either. 🙂

We went to Hair Bar to get our hair done. It’s great because they wash and dry your hair and then fix it all pretty while you sit there and relax. Not a bad deal. Here are some pics I took while we got our hair done.


That last picture makes me laugh. In that picture, you can see how pissed my grandma is. She didn’t want anything done to her hair and she hated it afterwards, but we all thought her hair looked good.

And the finished products!


See what I mean about the cutest pregnant person ever?! 🙂

After that, we went to lunch at a place called R & D. I am a horrible blogger and forgot to take a picture of my lunch, but it was so good that I wanna tell you about it. I had the Thai tuna sushi. In the roll, there was tuna, jalapeño, coconut flakes, avocado, and toasted macadamia nuts. It was nice to have a unique sushi roll, one that I can’t find in Tulsa. I’d love to go back there and try their other rolls!

After lunch, we headed over to the baby shower. Someone had put together a super cute diaper cake for my sister.


And there were some yummy foods like sun dried tomato mini sandwiches, hummus dip with veggies, stuffed strawberries, little quiches, and a beautiful fruit tart with lemon and mixed berries.

Here are some pics from the baby shower.


I didn’t get any pictures of my sister opening up her gifts because I was the official gift writer downer, but she got a lot of good stuff. Here’s a picture of the super cute quilt her mother-in-law made for her.


After the baby shower, my sister went home to relax for a little bit while my mom, my grandma, and I went to North Park Mall to do a little shopping. We hit up about 5 different stores, all of which we don’t have in Tulsa, so that was fun.

Lush was my favorite store, surprise surprise. I picked up some lotion, face and body scrub, face masks, soaps, lip scrub, and toothpaste tablets.

My favorite is their Karma Cream lotion. To me, it smells like a mix of play-doh, sugar cookie, and patchouli oil. Sounds weird, but it totally works together!

After shopping, we headed over to my sisters house for dinner. We made the 7 and 1/2 months pregnant woman cook for us. Not because we didn’t want to help, but because we had no idea what exactly she was making and neither did she!

My sister is like a mad scientist in the kitchen. She just starts getting random foods out of the fridge and brainstorms an idea for dinner. She’s pretty awesome like that. I’m not gonna lie, when I saw all the ingredients sitting out for dinner I thought, “What the heck are we eating for dinner?”

We ended up having veal scaloppine stuffed and rolled up with red bell pepper, zucchini, and basil served over marinara sauce with a side of truffled spaghetti squash with Parmesan cheese. Oh, and a side of roasted beets with sautéed nectarines.



I love eating what my sister cooks! She’s so creative and uses ingredients I don’t cook with often. And she always cooks healthy and delicious! I loved the spaghetti squash so much that I ended up making her recipe Sunday night for my weekly dinner, so I’ll be having truffled spaghetti squash all week. 🙂

After dinner (or maybe before dinner, I can’t remember!) my sister gave me a gift. It was a necklace in the shape of a flower using only the heart shape.


The flower is me and the leaf is Ethan. She said that she wanted me to have something special that reminds me of him when I’m back in Tulsa. I thought this was extremely sweet of my sister. I love the necklace and I love things that have meaning, so that makes it even more special. 🙂 Best. Sister. Ever.

We left my sisters house around 10:30 and headed back to the hotel. We were all pretty exhausted, but we had just enough energy left to wash our faces and put on face masks before bed.

We used the fresh face masks we’d gotten from Lush earlier. My mom used the oatflix mask which has oats, honey, ground almonds, and mashed bananas. I used the love lettuce mask which has seaweed, ground almonds, lavender oil, kaolin, and honey.


You can’t tell that my mom even has a mask on!

And our silly faces…..


Saturday was a fun day! It was great seeing my sister and getting to spend time together with just us girls. Sunday was great too, but you’ll have to wait until my next post for that. This post is already ridiculously long. You should get a reward for making it to the end! How does a high-five sound? 🙂

Date With My Momma

Yesterday was such a great day! I got off work a little early to spend the evening with my mom. I bought her a gift certificate to a place called Pinot’s Palette for her birthday back in August, and we finally found a time to use it. Not sure what Pinot’s Palette is? That’s ok, keep reading and you’ll get to hear ALL about it.

Before Pinot’s Palette, we needed to eat dinner, so I chose this new place called Zoë’s Kitchen. It’s a chain, but I’d highly recommend you look for one near you. I looked up their menu before and saw it was a Mediterranean place and also very healthy, so I was excited to try it.

The food was fantastic! We ordered the hummus with pita for appetizer and it was so good, I didn’t get a picture until it was almost gone.




The kabobs were both delicious. I had the shrimp kabobs and my mom had the steak kabobs. My shrimp kabobs were served over a salad with lettuce, green bell pepper, olives, feta cheese, and tomatoes and lightly dressed. The soup cup is braised white beans with rosemary. Yum! And the small white cup is their cucumber yogurt sauce. Delicious! My moms steak kabobs came with warm potato salad (they don’t use mayo) and roasted vegetables.

And here’s my plate after the meal…


After dinner we headed over to Pinot’s Palette. It’s a place where you drink (wine or beer) and paint a picture. Here we are with our wine.



There’s a class of about 40, and one instructor. The instructor paints and explains how to do it and then the class mimics what she does. My mom and I are definitely not “artists” by any means, but our paintings both turned out great! The instructor makes it pretty easy to follow along. Here are some pics of my painting throughout the process.








And the finished products!


And of course it isn’t official until you sign your name in the bottom corner.


My mom and I had such a great time last night. We both said it was definitely something we’d love to do again! 🙂

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

What do you do if you hate apples?! I guess you have to go to the doctor, which is what I did today.

The appointment was just to recheck my liver enzyme level because last time it was high. So, they took blood and I should get the results back in about 10 days. The good part of the visit was finding out my new weight. I started at 372 pounds exactly four weeks ago, and today I weighed 351. That’s 21 pounds lost and I couldn’t be happier. My goal was to be under 350, but hey, I’ll take 21 pounds!

The doctor genuinely seemed proud of me and cared that I had made some good changes, which is exactly what I wanted. I also had a lower blood pressure number, so I’m glad I can SEE my diet working to make things better.

When I was talking to the doctor about my weight loss, he mentioned how sometimes when losing weight you’ll hit a plateau. He said that your body has to get used to the new weight and then it can continue to lose weight. In times past, I’ve lost maybe 15-20 pounds, hit that plateau, then given up…multiple times. I was really glad to hear him say this. It felt like a little extra boost I needed to hear because if I do hit that plateau, I’m prepared to face it and not let it get me down.

Even if I don’t see a smaller number on the scale, it matters that I’m making healthy changes in the right direction to get healthy. A very wise woman once told me, “The number on the scale doesn’t matter. Weight is just a number and nobody around you can see it. They only see what’s on the outside.” Thanks for that mom! 🙂