It’s that time again…Foodie Pen-Pal reveal day!

For the month of June, I was lucky enough to get paired with Natalie who lives in Napa, CA!

She sent me a great box filled with delicious goodies!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t specific enough in saying why I preferred low sugar or sugar free items, so she sent me lots of sweet stuff. That’s ok though because I practiced self control (well, kinda…) and didn’t eat ALL the sweets she sent me.

Here’s what I got!


Starting from the bottom, she sent two different flavored chocolate sticks from Lindt. I tried a couple bites of the caramel brownie one, and it was ok, but not my favorite. I gave the other one away because they just had too much sugar.

The two ziplock baggies are filled with homemade treats! I hadn’t ever gotten anything homemade in my box so I thought it was so great that she made stuff just for me. Natalie made toasted walnut brownies and lemon bars. I ate 3 of the brownies and half of a lemon bar and I had to call my BFF Megan to come get them before I ate them all. Thanks Meg for that! Of course I would have loved to keep eating the rest of the brownies because they were sooooo good but I had to practice self restraint.

Next, I tried the dark chocolate pomegranates. These were delicious, but also full of sugar. I ate some, gave some to Megan’s fiancĂ©, and then gave the rest to my dad who loves pomegranates.

The Pirates Booty aged white cheddar puffs were my favorite! I easily ate these two bags right when I opened my box. I’m so glad Natalie sent these because I had seen them multiple times at Sprouts, but never tried them. Yum!

The last thing is the Israeli Couscous Mushroom Seasoning from Whole Spice in Napa Valley.


It’s got a recipe on the back to make the couscous using this spice mix.


I don’t really like mushrooms, but I think they give a good flavor, so I’m actually excited to try this and make the recipe since the mushrooms are chopped up and small. I’ll post about it as soon as I make the recipe!

If this sounds like fun and you want to sign up for Foodie Pen-Pals, click here!