“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – Allen Saunders

Life has been kinda crazy lately and I’m sorry I haven’t really been posting as often as I have in the past.

I have several excuses (good ones!). I took a short trip to Dallas to visit my sister this past weekend and to watch baby Ethan. I brought along the BFF and we had a great trip. We ate some delicious food, drank some of my favorite matcha tea from White Rock Coffee, and just had a really great time.

Immediately when I got back to Tulsa, things began to fall apart. First, I got in a wreck on my way home from picking up my dog at my dads, then the nice police man (sarcasm!) gave me a ticket for inattentive driving, then I called to see how much the ticket would be and I was told it was mandatory court for that type of ticket.

It’s going to cost me $250 to fix my car (thank God for great insurance and a SMALL deductible). I’m not sure how much the ticket will be but I’m budgeting $250 for it just in case. Who knows, it could be more! And now I’m also sitting here worried about having to go to court, something I’ve never done before, and I’m just stressed.

Ah, stressed, the key word there. I have been stressed a lot recently because of my job. Some extremely unfair things have been going on, causing my paychecks to be affected and it just seems completely unnecessary that it’s even happening. Nevertheless, it’s been the root of a lot of my stress. Add in all the other car stuff, and you end up eating chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy on your day off and completely forgetting about doing anything healthy, all because of stress.

Don’t fear though because today things are MUCH better! Yeah, I still have all that other stuff to deal with, but I’m feeling positive and I’m out of that small rut I got into. I hate to use the phrase “fell off the wagon” but I did indeed “fall off the wagon” for a few short days (5 to be exact.)

Today though, is a new day. I may have gained 4 pounds back, but I’m still extremely focused on losing weight and I have even set a new goal for myself. I’d love to see myself under 250 pounds, so I need to lose almost 50 pounds to reach my new goal.

Even though this past weekend was full of unhealthy delicious food, I’m still going to tell you about it. Trust me, it’s worthy of sharing!

On Saturday night, my sister paid for dinner for Megan and I since I was watching Ethan over night for her. She didn’t have to do that, I would have done it for free, but it was so nice of her to do that for us. Since we’d be in Plano, my sister suggested a few places and Meg and I decided on a place called Zanata.






We both had a glass of red wine to start. Then, we shared the brussels sprouts hot appetizer which also had cauliflower, sweet potato, and bacon in it.


It came with a delicious sauce we both loved and couldn’t figure out what it was. We asked and the waitress told us it was caesar dressing. Sounds weird but it was great on the brussels sprouts!

I ordered the Happy Hour pizza for my entree which had tequila pineapple, spec ham, bourbon onion, mozzarella, arugula, and crushed black pepper.


I ate most of it (we shared) and this was all that remained.


Sad little pizza slice sitting all by himself. 😦

Megan ordered one of their specials. It was a beef tri-tip with some fancy named noodles and a spinach pesto with some kind of cream sauce. It was also very delicious.


Since we were treating ourselves, we also shared a dessert. We ordered the lemon basil cheesecake. It was sooooooo creamy and VERY yummy!


Look at that creamy filling! It was the PERFECT balance of lemon, herb, and sweet.

If you’re ever in downtown Plano, TX, I suggest you try this place out!

The next day was filled with even more great food. We decided to start the day off right with our iced matcha green teas from White Rock Coffee and then head to Klyde Warren Park for some lunch from the food trucks.

We shared the banh mi tacos (my absolute favorite!) and 3 of the sliders from The Butchers Son food truck.


We got the Mac-N Beefy, the Southern Hospitality, and the Dead Elvis sliders.


These were really great! My favorite was the Dead Elvis with bacon, melted peanut butter, and melted Nutella. Mmmmm!

After the park, we went to Sprinkles to get a cupcake and we went to Dude, Sweet to get some chocolate. I heart this chocolate place so much. This time, I got a sampler box.



Some of the chocolates tasted just like they said they would, and others fell kinda flat. Either way, it was fun trying all the cool flavors!

On our way out of town, we hit up The Container Store and drooled over all the different containers. It’s like they have containers for your containers! I could be so organized if I could afford to buy some of everything in that store. 🙂

Our last stop before leaving town was In-N-Out Burger.


I’d never been before because we don’t have those in Tulsa so I thought I’d like to try it before we leave. I haven’t eaten red meat or burgers very often since I started losing weight. So I’m not sure if the burger was extremely delicious or if I just loved it because I hadn’t had a burger in so long! Haha, either way, it was tasty and I ate the whole thing.

Sadly, Megan and I had to come back home to Tulsa and back to reality. We really did have a great trip though and we found out that we vacation well together so we plan on vacationing together again for sure.

We’re both so addicted to matcha tea that who knows, maybe we’ll drive back down to Dallas soon for more!


So Close To The 200’s…I Can Smell It!

I haven’t given a weight update in a while I’m sure, so I thought I better do that today.

My weight loss hasn’t been the best the past couple of weeks due to my traveling and bad food choices. I weighed 311.9 pounds a few weekends ago before I left for Dallas the first time. When I got back, I gained a little weight. I think I got back up to 318.

My weight today is 310.6 pounds.

I realized I’ve been getting lazy. I’m not putting myself down, I just generally have been lazy with my healthy eating. I find that on weekends, I tend to be a little more lax on eating healthy. I’m not going out and eating fried foods and burgers, but I’ll have sauces on my foods or I’ll eat out at restaurants where I’m not sure how many calories are in my food, or I’ll eat less vegetables on the weekends, stuff like that.

I’ve also found that I’m not measuring foods out. I guesstimate. Guesstimating doesn’t always work, so to solve this, I went out and got some new measuring cups and spoons (mine slowly disappeared over time, I think the dishwasher ate them!).

I can’t get too too confident with my eating, because even though I’ve lost 61 pounds, I’ve still got a lot more to lose. I really want to get out of the 300’s, so it’s back to being strict with my eating!

Here’s my plan:

1. No more sushi on Friday nights. Sushi doesn’t have enough any vegetables.

2. When I eat out, I’m going to actually calculate the calories of the meal and not assume.

3. Drink less diet pop. This one’s going to be hard.

4. Measure out my foods so I know exactly how much I’m eating.

5. Keep up the exercising.

I think if I follow these steps, I’ll quickly reach my goal to be out of the 300’s.

Wish me luck!

Wait For It, Weight For It…

I know I already posted today, but I feel like posting again! Why? Because I have a new weight! And because I can’t contain my excitement until tomorrow! And because it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! See, I’m so excited I’m singing! Did you realize that every sentence in this post so far has either ended in an exclamation mark or a question mark? Did you go back and check?!

Haha, ok but seriously, I have an updated weight.

Starting weight: 372
Today’s weight: 316.2

…for a total weight loss of 55.8 pounds! Sooooo happy!

That is all! 🙂

It Fits Again!

After losing a little over 50 pounds, I’ve discovered something pretty amazing… I can fit into clothes again that had become too small! This feeling is pretty awesome and extremely motivating at the same time.

When I first started losing weight, I tried on a gray lightweight hoodie to see if it would fit. It didn’t. I was bummed. Just a few days ago, I decided to try on the same hoodie and this time….it fit!

I can’t remember a time in my life where I have gone down in clothes size….ever. All my life I’ve grown and gotten bigger or taller. Then once I stopped growing UP, I started growing OUT. What a great feeling it is to be going the other direction for once! I can’t wait to go through all of my old clothes to see what else I can wear now. 🙂

Of course, the reason I can fit into some of my old clothes, is because I’m eating healthy. When I first started this healthy living change, I was “cooking” only in the microwave. Now, I’m cooking using the actual stovetop and oven. Also, I’m loving the idea of making one meal on Saturday night or Sunday and making 4 or 5 portions so that it lasts most of the week.

This past weekend, I made stuffed acorn squash. You can find the recipe I used, here.

It was a fairly simple recipe. I LOVE the idea of stuffing a squash or vegetable so that it turns into a complete meal, and that’s exactly what this was.

So first, I cut the acorn squash in half and removed the seeds. I roasted them cut side down for 30 minutes and then turned them over and cooked them for another 20 minutes.

While the squash were roasting, I prepared the filling. The filling was mild Italian chicken sausage (casings removed), bell pepper, red onion, garlic, ginger, cumin, and cooked quinoa.

After the squash had roasted for 50 minutes, I took them out of the oven and stuffed them with the filling. They baked for another 20 minutes. Then I took them out, topped each half with a slice of Swiss cheese, and baked for another 5 minutes or until the cheese melted.





I thought these turned out great! I liked the texture of the filling after it cooked for the additional 20 minutes inside the squash. It tasted similar in texture to a Thanksgiving dressing. Thats when I got the idea that I’d like to change up the recipe next time I make it. Since I love the flavors of Thanksgiving, next time I’m going to create a Thanksgiving-like stuffing for the squash. I think I’ll use ground turkey, cooked quinoa, onion, celery, chicken broth, dried cranberries, and sage. How yummy does that sound?!

Check In After My Check Up

I had another follow up appointment at the doctors yesterday and I’d say it went even better than expected!

My blood pressure was 126/78. Three months ago, it was 150/98. It’s down 24 points on the top number and 20 points on the bottom number. The almost normal blood pressure reading came as a huge surprise to me! It felt like a huge justification that the changes I’ve made are really working and that I’m doing the right things. This literally made my day!

Although I didn’t hit my 50 pound weight loss goal at the doctors visit (at least not that day) my doctor told me that for every pound lost, your hearts pumps approximately 7,000 miles less than it did before you lost the one pound. That’s good stuff to know! My heart is working a lot less harder now. My doctor told me he’d give me a gold star if he had one. 🙂

As for the results from my blood tests and urine sugar test, I’ll have to wait a few days or so for those.

And finally, I saved the best for last, my weight! Now, at the doctors office, I’m weighing in a little heavier because I’ve got clothes and shoes on. My weight yesterday at the doctors was 326. My weight that morning at home was 323.1. For some reason, I had the urge to weigh myself again this morning, so I did. I weighed 319.9! I finally hit my 50 pound goal, and then some. If you read my last post, then you know how badly I wanted to be out of the 320’s, and I’m finally out! Twenty more pounds to go and I’ll be in twoderville!

As of right now, I’ve lost 52.1 pounds! I can officially claim my 50 pound weight loss reward, those amazing bright colored Skechers. It’s a good thing I already ordered them. 🙂

The Biggest Loser: Makeover Week

Ah, makeover week! The week every contestant REEEEALLLY wants to make it to. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a good makeover?

They’ve been on the ranch now for 10 weeks, plus 2 weeks at home. The contestants have lost a lot of weight. The girl around my age, Dani, has lost about 84 pounds. One of the big guys has lost 120 pounds. That’s crazy!

Tomorrow will be 11 weeks into my journey, and I’m at just a little over 45 pounds lost at home. That’s with very minimal exercise compared to what they do on TBL. I can’t wait to get down closer to my goal weight so that I can give myself a makeover.

After losing all the weight and becoming a new person, the makeover symbolizes changing the outside to fit what the inside feels. You really do become a new person after tremendous weight loss. You become more confident, you become happier, you have more energy, you become full of life. I’ve seen all of that first hand with my mom who lost a lot of weight. She too became just a more confident, better, and amazing person. Not that she wasn’t great before, cause she was, but now others could see it too. 🙂

My goal throughout my journey is to become a better person on the inside and out. I want to be a confident woman. I want to exude happiness. I want to have goals, lots of them, and reach those goals. I want to live life to the fullest. Notice how it’s all about me? Because for once, I need to be selfish. I’m going to focus on me right now. And then eventually, after I’ve accomplished all of that, I’ll need an outside to match. When I get down to my goal weight, I’m going to get a makeover just like the contestants did on the show. It gives me that “something” to look forward to. 🙂

Weigh In Update

It feels like its been forever since I last updated my weight! But after looking back at my previous posts, I realize it’s only been 9 days. I guess it feels like a long time since I’ve been purposely trying not to weigh myself every day. Either way, it’s been 9 days and today feels like the perfect day to update my weight! 🙂

I always like to recap my weight:

Beginning Weight
372 pounds-Dec. 18th

Last Weigh In
331.8 pounds-Feb. 16th

Current Weight
327.3 pounds-Feb. 25th

That’s 4.5 pounds lost in 9 days and a total weight loss of 44.7 pounds. 🙂