Another Milestone Achieved

So it seems like since the last time I posted my updated weight (11 days ago), my weight has sorta fallen off easily since then!

I hit 299.2 pounds on the 15th. That was a major milestone as its been soooo long since I’ve been under 300 pounds. The next goal after that was to hit 75 pounds lost.

If you remember, I started out at 372 pounds and I’m glad to say that as of this morning, I’m at 293.5!

That’s a total of 78.5 pounds lost!

I did a little calculating and figured out my average weekly weight loss is almost 3 pounds a week. I’ve been dieting and changing my lifestyle since December 18th, 2012, or 27 weeks ago. This is the longest by far that I’ve ever stuck to eating healthy and exercising regularly. It feels amazing!

I guess my next goal is to hit 100 pounds lost, and you know what that means? It means I need to think of a reward for myself! My 50 pound weight loss reward was my bright Skechers tennis shoes. I loved them so much that they turned into my exercise shoes. Those shoes really helped me keep my weight loss going. So I want my 100 pound weight loss reward to be just as great! Any ideas you have are appreciated!

A second milestone I had was last night when I exercised! Megan came over for a walk/run, which usually means walk because I’ve never really been able to run. We started out walking and then power walking and then finally I said, “ok, let’s run to that car.” We ran on and off for most of the workout. And the crazy thing is, it was A LOT easier than times in the past where I tried to run.

We ran/walked about 2 miles in maybe 35 minutes. Here’s our crazy run path!


It was a great and fun workout and we both decided we wanted to do it again soon! I think we’ll try for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. And of course, I’ve still got jazzercise both days this weekend so maybe one day, I’ll get a double workout in!


Check In After My Check Up

I had another follow up appointment at the doctors yesterday and I’d say it went even better than expected!

My blood pressure was 126/78. Three months ago, it was 150/98. It’s down 24 points on the top number and 20 points on the bottom number. The almost normal blood pressure reading came as a huge surprise to me! It felt like a huge justification that the changes I’ve made are really working and that I’m doing the right things. This literally made my day!

Although I didn’t hit my 50 pound weight loss goal at the doctors visit (at least not that day) my doctor told me that for every pound lost, your hearts pumps approximately 7,000 miles less than it did before you lost the one pound. That’s good stuff to know! My heart is working a lot less harder now. My doctor told me he’d give me a gold star if he had one. 🙂

As for the results from my blood tests and urine sugar test, I’ll have to wait a few days or so for those.

And finally, I saved the best for last, my weight! Now, at the doctors office, I’m weighing in a little heavier because I’ve got clothes and shoes on. My weight yesterday at the doctors was 326. My weight that morning at home was 323.1. For some reason, I had the urge to weigh myself again this morning, so I did. I weighed 319.9! I finally hit my 50 pound goal, and then some. If you read my last post, then you know how badly I wanted to be out of the 320’s, and I’m finally out! Twenty more pounds to go and I’ll be in twoderville!

As of right now, I’ve lost 52.1 pounds! I can officially claim my 50 pound weight loss reward, those amazing bright colored Skechers. It’s a good thing I already ordered them. 🙂

Unwanted Snacking And How To Avoid It

Yesterday ended up being a bad day. Even after the plateau, it got worse… Last night, even after dinner, I COULDN’T stop snacking.

I ate dinner, then had a small bowl of cereal for my evening snack. I felt like I wasn’t satisfied, so I went looking in the cabinets for a snack. First I had a scoop of PB2 with vanilla and honey in it. Then, I had a single serving chicken noodle soup mix. Then, I had some almonds. And finally, I ate some hot beef jerky.

After I ate all of that, I was full! But as I was eating snack after snack, I got more annoyed with myself that I couldn’t get that satisfied feeling in my stomach.

So what’s my solution to this problem?

Well, I googled ways to stop from snacking and here are a few ideas/tips I’m going to try tonight.

Tip #1
Brush your teeth and then use whitener. Who wants to eat after they have a fresh clean mouth and whitener on their teeth? I’m sure no one does, so this sounds like a fool proof idea!

Tip #2
Treat yourself to scented candles. Some girl said she tried this and it worked! I’ve got lots of yummy scented candles so I’m trying this for sure tonight.

Tip #3
Instead of snack, have a drink. I’ve seen some really cool ideas for flavored waters on Pinterest.



I picked up some fruit earlier so that I can make some flavored water tonight! I got oranges, limes, and lemon to make a citrus water.

Tip #4
Don’t sit and watch TV. It makes you feel like you should be doing something, which usually means snacking. I watch too much TV, I know. So my plan is to do something else while I watch TV. Maybe pay my bills online, make lunch for the next day, do some cleaning, etc.

I’m going to use these tips tonight to help get me through another possible snack attack.

Also, I got some good advice on how to get past the plateau I’ve hit. I am doing something for myself! I bought a new pair of workout yoga pants online, along with a new shirt, a sports bra, and an active go dry tank all from Old Navy.





I’m excited to try out the new workout clothes, so I’d say this was just what I needed to pick myself up and not be down on myself. And to give myself that extra push, I chose a reward for when I hit the 50 pound weight loss goal! I’ve had my eye on some new tennis shoes by Sketchers, so I decided I’ll buy these new shoes when I hit 50 pounds!


Don’t you just love them? They’re so bright, like a rainbow! 🙂