What I Ate Thursday

As promised, here is a full post over “What I Ate Thursday.” I think these are fun because like I’ve said before, I’m curious about what other people eat, especially curious to see what a normal food day looks like for other people. Well, here’s mine!


Jimmy Dean omelet-240 calories

Whole grain toast-130 calories

1 and 3/4 cup skim milk-140 calories

Breakfast total=510 calories



V8-70 calories

4 multigrain crackers-70 calories

1st snack total=140 calories



French bread-160 calories

2.2 ounces deli turkey-68 calories

Mini brie wedge-70 calories

2 and 1/2 tbs wine jelly-75 calories

2 compari tomatoes-25 calories

Lunch total=398 calories



13 baked chips-110 calories

Individual guacamole cup-100 calories

2nd snack total=210 calories



Small russet potato-220 calories

3oz cooked chicken-130 calories

1/8 cup lite shredded cheese-40 calories

3 tbs BBQ sauce-68 calories

2 tbs whipped lite butter-100 calories

3/4 cup green beans-35 calories

Dinner total=592 calories

Late evening snack


Tea bag-0 calories

1 tbs honey-60 calories

French vanilla creamer-25 calories

Late night snack total=85 calories

Total calories today-1935

My goal is to eat around 1900 calories a day. This is a very typical day for me. I ate pretty much the same thing all week except I had two breakfast options and two dinner options just so I don’t get bored.

My sandwich this week was absolutely phenonminal! I’d normally make my sandwiches on normal sandwich bread, but I wanted garlic toast for dinner with my Caesar salads (had that twice this week for dinner), and I didn’t want to buy two breads, so I made my lunch sandwiches on the same bread I bought for garlic bread.

On my sandwich was brie cheese, shaved deli turkey, and wine flavored jelly. It was sooooo yummy! I never got tired of it all week. I’ll be picking up some more of those mini Brie bites at Trader Joes this weekend for future sandwiches.

Speaking of Trader Joes, I’ll be going there this weekend! I’m so excited because when I go, I always stock up on my favorites from there. They have just so many easy go to meals which makes eating healthy for me just that much easier.

The main reason for the trip though is to go celebrate my nephews 2nd birthday in Dallas! He’s the absolute best thing ever and of course I’ll have lots of pics to show you when I get back.

I’ll be going to a couple of my other favorite places in Dallas this weekend too, so I’m excited to blog about my adventures when I get back!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


2 Weeks And Counting

I just realized that I have officially gone 2 weeks without drinking diet pop or drinks that are flavored artificially.

Here’s my experience with giving it up over the past 2 weeks.

On days 1 and 2, I had pretty strong headaches. Also on the first 2 days, I found myself wanting to hit up Sonic happy hour for a diet pop. It was my usual routine to get a drink almost every afternoon. I felt that by having the diet pop to drink, it was easier to get from lunch to dinner without wanting to cheat on my diet.

I also noticed for the first week or so, I was really tired. I found myself falling asleep on the couch while watching tv. I felt very sluggish.

By days 7 and 8, I had stopped thinking about picking up an afternoon soda completely. It was becoming a habit to get an ice water at the drive through or to bring bottled water with me in the car everyday.

On day 14, yesterday, I hadn’t even realized until the end of the day that I’d gone a full 2 weeks without diet pop. I’m not even missing the stuff!

Some changes I’ve noticed are that in the beginning, I was really thirsty. Obviously, I was dehydrated. Although I was thirsty, it was hard to have only water to go to for a drink. Water was boring and didn’t taste very good. Even though I was thirsty, I wanted diet pop to quench my thirst.

Now, when I’m thirsty, I crave water. It’s weird to me because it’s been a looooooonnngggg time since I’ve craved water. I almost forgot the feeling of enjoying water.

As far as replacing diet pop, my MAIN drink now is water. I also have skim milk in my cereal in the morning and at night. Occasionally, I’ll have an iced tea. Who knew I could love the taste of tea without sugar?! I don’t think I even knew what tea tasted like before because I put so much sugar in it!

I’m still debating on whether I’m going to use stevia every now and then to sweeten things. I like a small glass of unsweetened almond milk at night sometimes with just a squirt of stevia extract. I think having one little squirt of stevia a couple times a week isn’t too bad, especially when compared to how much artificial sweetener I used to have.

I’ll do some more research and see what I come up with. I recently read a little about coconut palm sugar. It’s supposed to be low on the glycemic index, but it still has the same amount of calories as sugar. Eh, I think I’ll stick with my water and un-sweet tea for now. It’s working so why fix something that’s not broken. 🙂

April Foodie Pen-Pal Reveal

This month, I was lucky enough to get paired with Stephanie in Sonoma County, California. She filled my box with lots of local items (per my request) and she really did a great job picking out a nice variety!

Unfortunately, I’m a bad blogger sometimes and I didn’t think about getting a picture of everything until it was already opened or eaten.

I do have one picture for you though!

First, I’ll tell you everything I received in my box!

April FPP Box

1 peanut butter filled chocolate
Pure Empower Mint Tea
Pinot Grigio wine salami
Goat Rock Roast coffee
Chili Gods hot sauce
Hippie Dust popcorn
Sweet potato Pop-chips
Coupons for free Amy’s soup


(**Everything isn’t pictured**)

The peanut butter filled chocolate got eaten right away. As in, I opened the box while driving in the car (I was a passenger, I promise!) and devoured the chocolate. It was tasty!

The sweet potato chips were next. Pop-chips don’t last long at my house, they’re just so good.

I opened the popcorn next. I was super excited about the popcorn. It was called Hippie Dust and the flavoring on it was nutritional yeast. I’ve seen the nutritional yeast used in vegan recipes before. I’m pretty sure they used it to give it a cheese-like flavor. I thought the popcorn tasted earthy and almost like a powdered mushroom flavor. I absolutely loved it, obviously. 🙂

I haven’t tried the tea yet, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Mint tea is one of my favorites, but it just hasn’t been cold enough for tea right now.

The hot sauce was a great addition to my lunch quesadillas I’ve been making for lunch all week. I’ll have to blog about my quesadillas soon and tell you all about them!

I brought the coffee over to my dads because even though I drink coffee, I only drink it out and I don’t have a coffee maker. But that’s ok because my dad and step-mom love coffee so I was more than happy to share! We thought the coffee was great. It had a nice strong flavor. Yum!

I also brought the salami over to my dads to taste. We all loved it. It had a nice sorta wine flavor to it, and it’d be great with some cheese and crackers for a snack.

I am excited to use the Amy’s coupons for free soup. Stephanie, my FPP, works for Amy’s so I thought that was really cool that she sent me some coupons. I went to our new Spouts grocery store over the weekend and saw that they had quite a few different Amy’s soups there, so I’ll be bringing my coupons there for sure!

Thanks Stephanie for my amazing box!

What a great FPP month! I always love receiving my box of goodies every month. It’s like Christmas, only with food. If this sounds like fun to you, go sign up here!

The cool thing is, you can try it out once, or keep signing up every month. It’s up to you! If you’re a foodie, I highly recommend it!

Until next month FPP…

My Newest Obsessions

Liquid Stevia
It’s perfect to sweeten tea, overnight oats, or really anything. It’s simple because you just squeeze it out, so there’s no measuring needed.


I love flavoring healthy stuff to make it taste indulgent. With extracts, I can transform my peanut butter into something unique. Or, I can turn my overnight oats into banana bread. Uh huh, I made my oats taste like yummy banana bread. Keep on reading to get the recipe!


Thai Sweet Chili Pop-Chips
These things are addictive. If you HAVEN’T tried pop-chips, you should. And if you HAVE tried pop-chips but not this flavor, you should. It’s like Chinese food in a chip. A healthy chip at that. We all know Chinese food is generally not too healthy (depending on what you get) so these chips really hit the spot when I want some Chinese food.


My Grocery Shopping
I went grocery shopping today and I realized how different I shop now than how I used to grocery shop. I once heard that when you grocery shop, you should be shopping the perimeter of the store. I didn’t intentionally do that, but I just realized today that that’s how I shop. As I was checking out, I noticed I had fresh vegetables, multiple lettuces, frozen vegetables, milk, meat, yogurt, cheese, and cereal. All but a few items came from the perimeter of the store. I was pretty impressed with myself.

China Mist Tea
I went to lunch with a friend today and we went to Old School Bagel Cafe. They had some great flavored teas there. I had an unsweetened orange blossom black tea. I loved it! Later while out shopping, I came across the China Mist brand teas and of course had to buy some.


Lunch was a total success! Not only was the tea great but Old School Bagel Cafe has some good bagels and a surprisingly delicious salad too. I had the 1/2 bagel sandwich and 1/2 salad combo. I got the el fuego bagel, which has cayenne pepper in it. It was spicy and delicious. On my sandwich I had turkey, guacamole, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato. For my 1/2 salad, I chose the Asian salad. It had shredded lettuce, green onions, mandarin oranges, sliced candied almonds, roasted chicken, and Asian vinaigrette dressing.

It was soooo good! I also saw on their website that you can make a bagel “skinny” by having them scoop out the inside of it for you. I wish I had known that when I went, but there’s always next time!

Ok, as promised, here is my recipe for Banana Bread Overnight Oats:

1/4 cup steel cut oats
2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 Tbs chia seeds
1 and 1/2 Tbs PB2
1 or 2 squirts of liquid stevia (or more depending on how sweet you like it)
1/2 tsp banana cream extract (or more, depending on how strong you like the banana flavor)
1/3 of a banana cut into slices

Mix everything together in a cup or bowl really well. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Eat in the morning.

I absolutely loved this recipe. I am having a lot of fun experimenting with extracts and my overnight oats. I just bought 6 new extracts today so be watching out for new creations! 🙂